Carrie Iverson’s Client Reviews



“Great teachers and great atmosphere. I am so glad I started down the road of taking classes with Paws Abilities. I think in the long run all the classes will have long term benefits for my Jazzy. I have even learned things that work for our 12 year old dog that has some attitude.” -Tammi J. and her Labradoodle Jazzy reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie.

“I appreciate the well controlled environment. It is exactly what my dog needs right now. We can’t get that anywhere else. Very supportive, very informative, very awesome instructors!” -Jennifer B. and her Australian Shepherd Jedi reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with  Kera and Carrie

Lisa and Walter

Lisa and Walter

“Both instructors were great! They were well prepared and very knowledgeable, they were able to help me in several areas that I was struggling in with my puppy. I loved that we got individual one on one time in this class, it really helped with making the class work for our individual needs. This was the fourth class I took with my new pup and it has been one of the most beneficial by far. Both the trainers and the content were great and I have seen a noticeable difference in my pups ability to focus in exciting situations and recovery quicker when stressed by minor interactions. The games and relaxation protocol we learned are helping us to have an attentive well behaved pup in situations where we previously had a lovely but super excited and unfocused pup. We might take this class again just to continue with the positive progress we saw but I have already seen improvements in our day to day life.” -Lisa C. and her Irish Wolfhound Walter reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control  class with Carrie & Shelly

“Our dog, Cowboy, is much more enjoyable to live with and relaxed using the tools you have given us to manage our highly energetic dog We will highly recommend your classes to other dog owners. Very grateful to have the dogs come to class separately with an escort. That was our main concern for the first class with dogs and it went well. Made the rest of the classes much more relaxing. The calming cap was also a great suggestion and very useful. Our veterinarian is going to order some for their clinic. Carrie and Kera seemed to use their own experiences to help us with our reactive dogs. Very helpful that they can relate to our problems.” – Anita B. and her Golden Retriever Cowboy, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Carrie and Kera

“Kera and Carrie provided a safe, relaxed and comfortable place for learning and on-topic/interesting verbal discussions. I appreciate that you offer these classes for the reactive dogs, there are so many events, activities and places where they are not welcome.” -Carla L. and her American Staffordshire Terrier Gabby reviewing their Reactive Dog Sports Sampler class with Kera and Carrie

“They did a great job. Made me and my dog more at ease.” -Deb J. and her Dachshund/Yorkie cross Louie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie and Michelle

“The instructors were very good and helpful and the content was well presented. My dog really wants classes that offer more “action” and independent thinking, so this was probably very good for him to give a better foundation for future activities. You were kind, knowledgeable, prepared, and fun.” -Barbara H. and her English Bulldog Nigel, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Shalise and Carrie I.

“Instructors were great and made me feel very at ease. Very calm considering you were handling a reactive class!” – Kim E. and her German Shepherd Venn, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Tara and Carrie I.

“Everyone was so kind and understanding of our reactive dogs! They had such great tools and built on what we worked on every week. We loved the class are are SO excited that we are already seeing improvements! Before this class I felt like my hands were tied and now I feel like I have the tools to help my dog with her reactivity. We can’t wait to take another class!” -Jill J. and her Lab cross Stella, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Tara and Carrie I.

“Small group combined with trainer and trainer-in-training made for a lot of individual attention. We have been very impressed with your trainers knowledge and professionalism in every class we have taken with Paws Abilities.” – Nancy W. and her English Setter Jackson, reviewing their Leash Pullers Anonymous class with Carrie I. and Sarah G.

“Carrie was very responsive to my emails and even followed up when she hadn’t heard from us in a week. She was great about scheduling, staying in touch, management information, answering questions, and being very pleasant to work with. We plan to sign up for the reactive class with Lady.” – Sophie F. and her black Labrador Retriever Lady, reviewing their private training lesson with Carrie I. and Katie

“The trainers were really great and helped me through some tough times with my boy. I couldn’t thank them enough for all their support, friendship, and knowledge! They were so supportive and helpful. You are very lucky to have these two ladies working for you!” – Meridith D. and her Lab/German Shepherd cross Parker, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Kera and Carrie I.

“We really enjoy Carrie’s style. She is a perfect fit for our approach. We have been through several trainers over the years, having done this in different cities and Carrie is our favorite. I like your whole approach, from the introductions to play time at the end, which is also important because our puppy needs work in socialization.” – Ron P. and his Australian Cattle Dog Mix, Hopper reviewing their Beginning Obedience Lessons with Carrie I.

“Good instructor, small class and learned a lot about dog behavior. I liked the tools given to us i.e. bingo and info on the calming exercises. Keep up the small class sizes and quality instructors!” -Marianne O. and her Lab/Corgi cross Stanley, reviewing their Holiday Manners class with Carrie I.

“Carrie was thorough, energetic, and patient despite the varying levels of training for each dog in the class. She made it a point to meet each dog personally each week to make them feel comfortable with her. Also gave us interactive materials (other than what we used in class) and activities to use between class weeks.” – Amanda B. and her dogs Loki (German Shepherd/Malamute) and Tala (Tamaskan), reviewing their Holiday Manners class with Carrie I

“Carrie took time to cater to each dog’s individual learning styles and explain why a technique works rather than just teaching how.” – Amanda B. and her German Shepherd, Loki reviewing Canine Good Citizen Prep Course with Carrie I.

“The handouts were very detailed and helpful to recap and remember what we learned in class. Carrie was so helpful and catered to each dog’s individual needs. We are very thankful for all the knowledge given and all the help we received in our first class! We look forward to taking another soon!” – Marissa B. and her Labradoodle, Kona reviewing Beginning Obedience with Carrie I.

“Carrie made me feel like I was able to have an obedient dog. She would constantly give feedback regarding my dogs training” – Brianna E. and her Beagle, Lola reviewing Beginning Obedience with Carrie I.

“My trainers did great!! They went above and beyond and answered some of my questions in class and through email even though they were just about her reactivity to other animals. They are willing to adjust things if your dog is having an off-week. Carrie even gave me suggestions on what to work on until I take the class again in the spring or summer. She gave me a list of suggested classes that Bella would be able to do because she is still very reactive [and] most classes we can’t do. I love your trainers and training philosophy!! I will keep coming back and I rave about you to anyone that asks or is willing to listen” – Larissa C. and her Australian Shepherd, Bella, reviewing their Advanced Reactive Dog Rehab class with Sue S. and Carrie I.

“[They] listened to me and gave my dog and I all the attention/suggestions that we needed! Gave me hope and encouragement that really helped with my doubts in the beginning . This was not the first class or trainer that we went to for help. This class and the trainers put us on the right path and our family is very happy and hopeful for a long a fun journey with our Kaiah Jo girl!!” – Kris O. and her Australian Cattle Dog, Kaiah Jo, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Sue S. and Carrie I.