Kera’s Client Reviews

“Kera is a good trainer. I would happily take another class with her. The handouts are more than adequate. Great amount of info in a small package. I think you must be doing a good job of communicating behind the scenes to help us navigate training 2 puppies. I feel like the process is integrated by all of you. We had always thought training long term is important, but you are doing a great job of helping us do that with all 3 dogs.” -Andrea C. and her Border Collies Strath and Mirk reviewing their Beginning Obedience classes with Kera



“Everything was great! Friendly staff, they treated Lupin well, he had a ton of fun and came home smarter and better behaved every day. We will be back. I’ve already blabbed about how great the program is to other people. Katie and Kera were awesome and Lou absolutely loved them! I think he’s been a little depressed since classes ended because he hasn’t seen them every day…” -Melisa F. and her Australian Shepherd Lupin, reviewing their Canine University day camp program

“I appreciate the well controlled environment. It is exactly what my dog needs right now. We can’t get that anywhere else. Very supportive, very informative, very awesome instructors!” -Jennifer B. and her Australian Shepherd Jedi reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Kera and Carrie



“I’m very happy with you and absolutely love you as our trainer. You are honestly one of my favorite if not my favorite so far. You have such great energy and motivation. I would love to get in more classes of yours.” – Cassey M. and her Rottweiler Locket, email to Kera regarding Beginning Obedience class (shared with permission)

“Kera and Carrie provided a safe, relaxed and comfortable place for learning and on-topic/interesting verbal discussions. I appreciate that you offer these classes for the reactive dogs, there are so many events, activities and places where they are not welcome.” -Carla L. and her American Staffordshire Terrier Gabby reviewing their Reactive Dog Sports Sampler class with Kera and Carrie

“Our dog, Cowboy, is much more enjoyable to live with and relaxed using the tools you have given us to manage our highly energetic dog We will highly recommend your classes to other dog owners. Very grateful to have the dogs come to class separately with an escort. That was our main concern for the first class with dogs and it went well. Made the rest of the classes much more relaxing. The calming cap was also a great suggestion and very useful. Our veterinarian is going to order some for their clinic. Carrie and Kera seemed to use their own experiences to help us with our reactive dogs. Very helpful that they can relate to our problems.” – Anita B. and her Golden Retriever Cowboy, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Carrie and Kera

“You went above and beyond! How fortunate we are that you exist! I really appreciated all that the trainers kindly offered to both me and Earl. You had very thorough handouts and instruction from trainers. It was fun and Earl was ready to work!

“I want to specifically recognize Kera – you were steady, knowledgeable, encouraging, and wonderful daily support of rewarding canine human relationships. I miss going to Camp.” – Ann B. and her foster puppy, Hound Earl, reviewing their Puppy Head Start Day Camp program (with trainers Kera, Katie, and Michelle)

“Great program, great instructor! My dog enjoyed it there!!! He felt very loved! The handouts were very helpful. Lots of good information and detail. Kera loved our dog and made him happy and excited to come o training. Kera communicated effectively with our family about his progress.” -Kathleen M. and her Poodle Flynn, reviewing her Puppy Head Start Day Camp program with trainer Kera

“Kera gave excellent recommendations and is very invested in our puppy, Riley. Very organized, informative, caring, kind, supportive environment… Lots of useful tips, videos, handouts. Kera was excellent!” – Nancy C. and her mixed breed puppy Riley, reviewing their Puppy Head Start Day Camp program with trainer Kera

“All of the information we received (both in class and on-line blogs) helped Blue Belle’s behavior. It has also helped us gain insight into helping us think of ways to communicate with Blue Belle. We think Blue Belle enjoyed the activity. Especially when she was allowed to pick-out her reward toy. 🙂 You kept the dogs very safe.” -Mary S. and her Coonhound Blue Belle reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Katie & Kera

“It was a very helpful class with lots of one on one. Class sizes are small and fun. Katie and Kera did a wonderful job and I wish I could take more classes with those two specifically, but I’m sure all of the other trainers are just as wonderful. Everything blew my expectations out of the water. The training they used has worked really well and the relaxation protocol is very helpful in helping Miah learn to calm down, something that is hard for a working dog. Thank you for providing this course and all of the material. It has helped tremendously with Miah and her seemingly endless supply of energy. She now calms down quickly after training allowing me to focus my energy elsewhere.” -Wyatt R. and his German Shepherd Dog Miah, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Katie & Kera

“I have taken classes with Katie a few times and I absolutely love her. She is fun and engaging and explains things in a really interesting and understandable manner. This was my first class with Kera and I thought she was awesome! She and Katie worked super well together and both were smart and fun. I was excited to come to class each week! I especially loved the last week where we played some games and really changed things up. I liked that every week was different. We went outside sometimes, spent time doing different pop-out games (my favorite!), and always learned something new.” -Martha B. and her Pointer cross Bock reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Katie & Kera


“We love the positive approach! You were positive toward my puppy and myself. Very knowledgeable and helpful! I appreciated the pictures and videos of my dog on Facebook. I always enjoyed the daily journal, conference and handouts! I am impressed with everything about Paws Abilities!

“To recognize specific trainers, Kera was wonderful! My puppy loves her! I also enjoyed Katie. She gave me great ideas that were simple and they worked!” -Judy H. and her Morkie Casey, reviewing her Puppy Junior High Day Camp experience

“The trainers were really great and helped me through some tough times with my boy. I couldn’t thank them enough for all their support, friendship, and knowledge! They were so supportive and helpful. You are very lucky to have these two ladies working for you!” – Meridith D. and her Lab/German Shepherd cross Parker, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Kera and Carrie I.