Michelle’s Client Reviews

Tamara & Chewie

“I think the instructors did very well tailoring homework and class activities to our specific needs. The dogs in the class were all very young, so much of the class was focused on how to teach young puppies how to relax.” -Tamara D. and her Brittany Chewie, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Tara & Michelle

“I really end up enjoying the class. I wasn’t use to the slow pace of this class at first but it picked up during week three. Very patient instructors. Great job. I know this was Michelle’s first time assisting with this class but she worked well with Tara and this kept the class on task. Nice small class, which is great. Love the newsletters and emails too. You do a great job listening to our goals, working with different personalities, and individual plans for the dogs.” -Jean M. and her German Shepherd Chili B. Lewis, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Tara and Michelle

“Kapp, Julia, and Michelle are great instructors. They are very knowledgeable and made the class fun and educational. Jade and I are really enjoying K9 Nose Work!” -Denise K. and her Australian Shepherd Jade, reviewing their Beginning K9 Nose Work class with Kapp, Michelle, and Julia

“Sara and Michelle were very helpful with any questions I had about training or any additional questions I had about training. Very helpful in showing us how to do each training exercise and also gave us enough time to work on the exercise so if we need help they were able to help us.” -Sarah J. with her Cavapoo Maizie reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Sara and Michelle


“You went above and beyond! How fortunate we are that you exist! I really appreciated all that the trainers kindly offered to both me and Earl. You had very thorough handouts and instruction from trainers. It was fun and Earl was ready to work! I miss going to Camp.” – Ann B. and her foster puppy, Hound Earl, reviewing their Puppy Head Start Day Camp program (with trainers Kera, Katie, and Michelle)

“Michelle was incredibly patient with me and my pup. She was very responsive to emails and questions I had about my dog’s behavior. Nori is very nervous and I was afraid that this training would be a disaster. Michelle made certain it was a great experience for both me and Nori and that Nori learned! She recognized Nori’s anxiety and helped me work with her so that she’d do well — and she did!” – Laurie Y and her Shiba Inu Nori Kitsune, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Michelle

“Michelle was very knowledgeable and helpful! Could not have asked for more!” -Kathy S. and her German Shepherd Dog Louise, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Michelle