Patti’s Client Reviews

“Patti took extra time to make sure both dogs and owners were understood and could do as expected. She was so patient. Our thanks for a really positive experience. Definitely a confidence builder. Everyone we have met, both trainers and student teams, have been supportive and friendly. Just the nature of the building.” – Ann S. with her two Havanese mixes, Jake & Millie, reviewing Therapy Dog Prep with Patti Anderson

“Patti is very knowledgeable and love her sense of humor too. Great handouts, great information, interesting way of presenting, liked the location and teacher. Keep doing what you are doing.” – Lynn S. with her Vizsla/American Staffordshire Terrier mix, Penni, reviewing a Therapy Dog Seminar with Patti Anderson

“Provided informative, helpful tips about dogs, therapy work and what to do when on a visit. Patti’s passion for therapy animals is contagious! She was well prepared, knowledgeable, helpful, and so personable. Very much appreciate and enjoy her!” – Kris K. with their poodle, Cola, reviewing a Therapy Seminar with Patti Anderson

“Patti was very well organized. She helped review all the things needed for testing. We practiced things and the dog was rewarded. I’ve been looking at your website for fun classes. Easy to navigate. Lesson was prepared and active. Always positive. Very good. Email handouts each week really assisted. I read over her suggestions right before taking my renewal test. The communication was extremely well. I knew what to expect, where to go, and what would be in the class. Patti Anderson is a very good trainer. She prepared me for the therapy dog test and encouraged me and my dog to do our best. Excellent class.”  – Connie P. with her two Vizslas, Kimber and Molly, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“Patti is the best teacher!!!!!” – Cindy L. and her Golden Retriever, Destiny, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“Patti was full of information and patience.” – Julie B. and her Mixed Breed, Oliver, reviewing their Therapy Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“Patti Anderson is the best therapy animal trainer in the region. [Myshkin] was always in a hurry to get into the class building and excited when he got there. No one does more preparation than Patti. You can tell that she is always thinking and planning around the needs of her current students. She is both dedication and very creative.” – Diane P. and her Siberian Husky, Myshkin, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“The instructor was well organized and focused the class on exactly what we needed. Her feedback was on spot. I finished the class feeling confident. I really appreciate your offering this class. My dog does very well on the job, but this gave me a chance to focus on the skills not encountered there, that are tested!” – Nancy B. and her Bichon Frise, Dinah, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“Patti is the best trainer I’ve ever had in 15 years of dog training. She really understands how to help us get great results with our dogs while still having fun. She’s terrific at strategizing the individual needs of each dog in the class and is a delightful person.” – Debbie O. and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Louie reviewing their Therapy Dog Refresher Class with Patti Anderson

“Patti ‘knows her stuff!!’ She shares many anecdotes and has great suggestions for working on various skills at home. She obviously loves what she does. This was a brush-up course for us and it was very helpful.” – Sue M. and her Golden Retriever, Henri, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“Patti is a great teacher! I do not think [she] could have done a better job. She is fantastic!” – Michael S. and his Golden Retriever, Dudley, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“I first met Patti at an Intro to TTouch session in Inver Grove Heights and then set up a private session at Chuck and Don’s to get some further personal instruction. She is great and i learned a lot hope to continue in some fashion. I’m happy to have discovered you all through a mention in the Star Tribune when they show upcoming dog-related classes/activities” – Pat S. reviewing their Private lesson with Patti Anderson

“Loved the way Patti integrated TTouch®, homeopathics and training. Using stuffed dogs instead of our our pet dogs was great – we could really practice wraps. Wizard is afraid of fireworks and she remained calm and was willing to go outside to potty.” – Maureen K. reviewing TTouch® for Your Dog with Patti Anderson

“Patti was awesome! i would love taking any class from her! Everything from the registration process to the reminders sent was spot on.” – Barb H. reviewing TTouch® for Your Dog with Patti Anderson

“She was very engaging and kept our attention during the entire seminar” – Jill C. reviewing TTouch® for Your Dog with Patti Anderson

“Patti is an excellent trainer, she is organized, knows her stuff and very friendly in the way she presented the material. Really helped me see a plan for myself and my dog. Thank you for the great seminar” – Nancy K. reviewing a seminar with Patti Anderson

“I have taken classes from Patti before and she is always well prepared and keeps the class moving with a variety of activities.” – Renee T. and her mixed breed Bentley reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with instructor Patti Anderson

“Patti’s experience is just outstanding. She fine-tuned my dog for the evaluation. But sometimes I needed a drastic change for a better performance in my part as a dog owner. Therapy dog training is indeed human training. Patti is the best dog trainer I’ve had during a year and a half dog training. Her teaching style is like college teaching: well prepared syllabus and good weekly assignments.” – Toshimi S. and his Miniature Schnauzer Simon Augustus, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep class with Patti Anderson

“Patti is very knowledgeable and her expertise will help my dog and I.” – Micah G. and his Golden Retriever Benny, reviewing their private therapy dog training lesson with Patti Anderson

“Patti is an outstanding instructor. The class prepared us to get Zoe registered at the first evaluation. We have now done visits to nursing homes and the people seem to appreciate it. The program Patti suggested at the airport has been very rewarding. In 7 months Zoe has had over 10,000 contacts.” – Frank A. and his Golden Retriever Zoe, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep course with Patti Anderson

“Patti is the best dog training instructor I’ve ever had and I have trained 5 dogs in the Twin Cities! She has really smart suggestions, is non-judgmental, interesting and helpful. She really tailors specific suggestions to the individual team, the course is well structured, has a logical progression, and it’s always fun. I liked that the class was small. We passed the test and I’m not sure that would have happened if we’d had someone else as our training instructor! I took a similar class at another training center (different dog) and it wasn’t nearly as good. I’ve recommended Patti’s course to anyone interested in therapy dog work.” – Debbie O. and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Louie, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti Anderson

“Patti is an amazing instructor. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of therapy dogs and makes it easy to transition to the real world of therapy dog visits as she does a great job preparing her students. I’ve had 2 dogs attend Patti’s therapy dog prep course and soon one more will follow.” -Laurie E. and her Lab/German Shepherd cross, Lola, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep course with Patti

“Patti prepares us well for the exam. Helps all levels! Patti is my favorite therapy dog instructor! Follow up and communication is excellent. Great online links and information, too.” -Connie P and her Vizsla, Molly, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep course with Patti

“Patti was extremely helpful and positive and followed up with excellent written tips and ideas. She was very responsive to our needs. She listened to our goals and concerns and was extremely helpful in helping us move forward.” – Randi B. reviewing their private training lesson with Patti

“Patti was fun and engaging. She was very supportive in some of the training challenges. I felt very prepared for the therapy dog test.” -Annelise A. and her Australian Shepherd Carmine, reviewing their Therapy Dog Prep Course with Patti