Sarah Griffin’s Client Reviews

“Learned so many helpful things for my timid dog. The skills we learned will greatly help us at the campground this summer. Blu learned that class was exciting and something he enjoyed going to every week. We look forward to taking more classes in the future. Both instructors had great knowledge about behaviors. Everything they taught was spot-on regarding Blu’s reactivity. The class was very individualized, which really helped us.” – Kylie W. and her Australian Cattle Dog, Blu, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Sarah G. and Margit

“Excellent instructors. I also really appreciated the small class size and one on one advice and instruction. Jack and Wally couldn’t wait to get there each time. It was so much fun – family fun time!! We’d turn into the driveway and Wally would be just shivering with excitement. He couldn’t wait to get out of the car and get to work. So cute! I very much appreciate the positive reinforcement method used. My terriers do not respond well to negative reinforcement. In fact, it is very damaging for this type of intelligent, emotionally sensitive dogs. You are very much on the right track and I would advise any of my friends, with terriers especially, to go directly to Paws Abilities – do not try any other trainers under any circumstances. It is far too easy to damage a terrier. Thank you for restoring my faith in training. Both of my dogs loved every minute of it and can’t wait to come again.” – Cheryl M. and her two terriers, Jack and Wally, reviewing their Beginning Focus and Control class with Sue and Sarah G.

“Small group combined with trainer and trainer-in-training made for a lot of individual attention. We have been very impressed with your trainers knowledge and professionalism in every class we have taken with Paws Abilities.” – Nancy W. and her English Setter Jackson, reviewing their Leash Pullers Anonymous class with Carrie I. and Sarah G.


“I really liked that they were excited to see Boone every day and that he was excited to go to class. I think he learned a lot and was a great opportunity for socialization. We are planning to sign him up for the CGC classes after he gets neutered.”

“Sarah was especially wonderful with Boone! Great attitude!!!!” -Deanne G. and her Newfoundland/Poodle cross Boone, reviewing their Puppy Junior High Camp experience with Sarah

“I liked how they focused on exercises for short periods of time… I’ve used other training companies and the dogs get distracted and are not interested when working on 1 exercise for too long. And they told us to work on training in 1-2 minute sessions at home which I feel has been very beneficial vs. trying 30 min. with our puppy to learn something.

“The classes overall were effective and we learned some new things in these classes vs. the other classes we took with our other dogs. The trainers were very attentive and helpful, we enjoyed taking our pup to these classes. We also asked questions after class and they were very helpful with giving us tips on how to work on other behavioral issues we were experiencing.” -Kari W. and her Dogue de Bordeaux Bruno, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Sarah and Linda