Laura Johnson’s Client Reviews

“I have the coolest auditory experience to share! Today I went to Paws Abilities Feline Enrichment Seminar. It was great and I got some fun new ideas to try at home and was reminded of other types of enrichment I had been leaving out. After the seminar, I headed home and on the way back, picked up my newest foster kitten. Once in my car, she was pitching a fit in the carrier and was biting at the carrier door and clawing at it; too much for me to be comfortable with. So I pulled over and was like, ‘ok think, there has to be something I can do. I just came from a Feline Enrichment Seminar.’ I remembered when we talked about playing music for cats and I ended up finding bird noises on YouTube … Almost immediately my little kitten completely calmed down. She went from being on her two back legs and screeching to curled up in a ball … Keep doing this seminar!” – Jill L. reviewing Feline Enrichment Seminar with Laura J.

“This was such a fun class! In addition to the neat tricks we learned, this class really helped with clicker timing and learning about shaping/capturing.” – Denise K. and her Australian Shepherd Jade, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with Laura

“This was another fun class. Dog levels were varied, but Laura set it up so we could all be successful. She is creative in coming up with ways to prepare for distractions, etc. and her prizes for the mock trials are awesome!! Have I mentioned Laura rocks?! =)” – Denise K. and her Australian Shepherd Jade, reviewing their Rally Obedience III class with Laura