Laura’s Client Reviews

“Lots of useful information on how to prepare my dog for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water! Laura has a lot of experience with boating in different environments and has information that can pertain to different types of dogs. 10/10, would recommend this and her camping class!” – Katie K. reviewing the Dog Paddling Happy Hour pajama party with Laura McKinney

“Great information for all aspects of camping. Great beverage suggestions! Laura McKinney is amazing.” – Katie K. reviewing the Wild Wild Woods Happy Hour pajama party with Laura McKinney

“Loved that she took the time to come out to my house, meet the boys, see their environment, and see them interact together in their space. I am so thankful to Laura for sharing her knowledge, experiences, advice and suggestions, and training tools. Se even left me with homework!
I am very pleased with my experience. My boys are my world and I would do anything for them to ensure they are safe, happy, and healthy. Laura’s help will only increase our quality of life with all our boys. When I told my vet that I was calling a behaviorist/trainer, she wanted me to make sure I didn’t get duped by just any old person who took a dog quiz off the internet. When I told her I was going with Paws Abilities, she said, ‘Oh, they are the best of the best’. You and the U of M, I guess!
You listened, you cared. You did a great job, thank you!” – Monica S. and her dogs, Chase and Archer, reviewing their Private In-Home Training lesson with Laura M.

“I love the format and how all dogs can be working at once!” – Megan N. and her English Springer Spaniel, Earl reviewing their Help Train the Trainer’s Dog lessons with Laura M.

“It was great being able to ask questions and Laura was engaging and informative. I also loved the pictures of her dogs that were used in the seminar! :)” – Rita T. reviewing a Seminar with Laura M.

“The small class size meant that there was a lot of personal attention to both dog and handler. Both Laura and Sara knew us and our dog by name. They always had concrete advise for solving situational issues raise by those in the class. I like the approach with positive reinforcement. I had attended the opposite kind of training with choke collar and severe correction with our previous family pet, and this philosophy fits in and achieves the results in a humane way. Laura and Sara allowed time for questions – even with that initial wait for people to formulate their query. Class built on stepping blocks so that the dog (and handler) felt success in introduction of each activity.” – Maureen M. and her Labrador Retriever Sirius reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Sara

“Trainers made a great effort to have communication regarding individual dogs during class (even though it was a group class). This made it easier to determine how well I was doing with my dog, ask questions about behaviors I was experiencing, and get feedback if I was headed in the right direction.

“I had a great experience. Knowledge in the area of reactivity was very helpful. It is very useful in differentiating between a dog that doesn’t understand the task it is being asked to do vs. a dog that is in an excitable state and therefore is having trouble learning and executing tasks.” -Peggy N. and her Boxer Elsa, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Carrie D.

“Laura and Carrie were very responsive. Experienced with reactive dogs. Able to provide feedback on how the dog was doing. The two trainer format is very helpful.” -Lori B. with her Tibetan Terrier Kitsi reviewing their Beginning Reactive Rehab with Laura and Carrie Davis

“Laura always had time to answer questions if we didn’t understand something or to clarify. I liked how the class was easily adjusted according to how the dogs were feeling and behaving. For example, if for some reason the dog/s seemed more stressed, we would do an activity that would help to calm them. My dog was easily distracted during class, so we used a barrier to block the visual distractions so it was easier for him to focus and then would open part of the barrier for short periods of time.” – Christie V. and her Greyhound Adam, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Laura

“This class was everything I hoped for. Taught me a handful of new skills and confirmed that was doing other things I already knew correctly and Laura Lindsay were very knowledgeable. Thank you for giving me more confidence working with my reactive dog. While I have some more work to do things are already better. You were easy to talk to, good atmosphere, good explanations.” – Carey H. and her Cattle Dog/Husky cross Ava, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Lindsay

“There was a huge change in Raven as we took the two Reactive Dog classes. She was more relaxed at home, easier to walk and less reactive in general. The class gave me a bunch of ideas to help her after the session. Love the instructors too! The techniques translate to work at home and out on the road, with a nice variety of skills taught. Instructors very friendly and good with the handlers and dogs. I was really impressed with Raven changing at all, because she’s 10 years old. I thought many of her habits were too ingrained for her to change as much as she is. When she jumped on my bed to cuddle with me for the first time ever, I was truly shocked.” -Miranda B. and her Border Collie/Lab cross Raven, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Carrie D.

“The instructors shared lots of knowledge. Carrie’s emotional support was also helpful. There was lots of information and non-judgmental correction of my skills. 🙂 It’s so great that you offer this class to help us be better members of our community!” – Marjorie R. and her Beagle Doug, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Carrie D.


“Great class exercises, ideas, and tips. You did a really wonderful job at making a cohesive class plan for a variety of handler goals and different dog skill levels.” – Sara R. and her Jack Russell cross Pantalaimon, reviewing their Help Train the Trainer’s Dog class with Laura M.

“This is an awesome concept – we were able to work on our own thing in a class setting at our own pace. Nala, being slightly reactive, didn’t participate in everything the other dogs did because she wasn’t quite ready. But it was a great environment to keep her working and having fun in the presence of other dogs. And you can’t beat the price!


“This is just a perfect price point for a date night with your dog. It’s like being able to just rent some space at a training facility and be able to work on what you need t o work on. I’m sure it would be more difficult if you had people who hadn’t taken a lot of classes with their dogs previously – it’s probably not right for a first time participant. But it was a great way to get Nala more exposure to other dogs and work on her reactivity. By the last few classes, she was spending a lot of time away from her barriers and even walked around other dogs while in heel position and she didn’t even care about anything else.” -Rachel M. and her Pit Bull Nala, reviewing their Help Train the Trainer’s Dog class with Laura


“Laura is brilliant. She is calm and attentive. Very good and breaking things down and making it more successful for dog and owner.” -Carrie D. and her Australian Shepherd Red Ryder, reviewing their Help Train the Trainer’s Dog class with Laura M.