Margit’s Client Reviews

“Margit was very nice, reliable and had a nice gentle approach for training puppies.” – Ann M. and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Abbey, reviewing their Puppy Class with Margit

“Learned so many helpful things for my timid dog. The skills we learned will greatly help us at the campground this summer. Blu learned that class was exciting and something he enjoyed going to every week. We look forward to taking more classes in the future. Both instructors had great knowledge about behaviors. Everything they taught was spot-on regarding Blu’s reactivity. The class was very individualized, which really helped us.” – Kylie W. and her Australian Cattle Dog, Blu, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Sarah G. and Margit

“Margit is a great teacher. Always had new things to do with my puppy, Beau, who gets bored very easily. Beau loves new things. Gave great ideas to try at home.” – Brittany L. and her Dalmatian/Australian Shepherd mix, Beau, reviewing their Boredom Busters class with Margit 

“Margit follows up with personal emails with more information when we ask specific questions about our dogs. This makes me feel as though she really cares about us. I really liked working with Margit. She is personable and friendly and upbeat.” – Anne K. and her Collie, Una, reviewing their Rocket Recall class with Margit 

“Great price, loved the different themes and experiences each week. Loved the coaching to try out different things. Signed up for another puppy class (because what a great deal!) Would take many more if i wasn’t moving away. Lovely folder of information given at the beginning! I also really appreciated the weekly emails of things to focus on that week. Really great classes, help up to the high quality I have come to expect from Paws Abilities!” – Patrisha K. with her three dogs, Squeak, Juno, and Gir, reviewing Puppy Class with Margit & Sara  

“Scarlet enjoyed going to class, and did develop a little more self control while there.” -Ina D. with her Golden Retriever/ Poodle, Scarlet, reviewing Beginning Obedience with Margit 

“All were helpful and communicated amongst themselves. My morning questions were always answered during puppy class and when I returned to pick up my pup.” – Tom S. and his Vizsla, Barleigh, reviewing Puppy Camp: Puppy PhD program with Katie Kelly, Margit Lovoll, & Tara Post

“The homework and documentation were very helpful and I still refer back to it. He and I both learned so much and I get so many compliments on what a well-behaved dog he is! The trainers were great to work with and talk with. The follow-up at the end of the day was always nice! I haven’t had a puppy since I was 10 years old, and of course it’s more the parents that train at that age. I was so nervous about training and raising a good and well-mannered dog. Paws Abilities truly took the doubt out of the equation for me! I owe you a huge gratitude and have ended up with such a good boy!” – Anonymous, reviewing Puppy Camp with Katie Kelly, Margit Lovoll, Megan Cogswell, and Demian Smith