Maxwell’s Client Reviews

“Gina and Max were both kind and supportive, offering gentle redirection and demonstrating proper ways of doing things” – Susannah K. with Bernese Mountain Dog cross Daisy, reviewing Beginning Obedience with Gina Beers and Maxwell Johnson

“I loved the kindness, energy, and focus on helping puppies have great experiences! You’re all incredible!” – Sara R. with her Border Collie/Whippet cross Morrigan reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis, Gina Beers, and Maxwell Johnson

“Helped us figure out what our dog responds to the most (treats) and tricks to get our dog to learn basic obedience that we use daily with her. Andrew and Max did a great job training!” – Sophia S. with Pit Bull cross Bean, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Andrew Sticha and Maxwell Johnson