Megan Cogswell’s Client Reviews

“Megan is such an expert! I love her tips. She always keeps the pups moving too.” – Natalie R. and their puppy, Coco, reviewing their Puppy Class with Megan Cogswell

“Super happy we enrolled our pup in this program, his confidence went through the roof and is much more command-driven. Megan and Kerry were AWESOME. Ruger got very attached to Kerry, and that made dropping him off much more comforting, knowing he felt safe! Kerry – our dog and us loved her! Megan – she was our go-to from the start, she is knowledgeable and was always available for questions.” – Taylor K. and their puppy, Ruger, reviewing their Puppy Camp: Genius Program with Megan Cogswell and Kerry Todd

“Megan is wonderful to work with and the change in our dogs is dramatic. Very accommodating about training times, very helpful suggestions on behavior and training, and she was excellent working with my two grandkids and their dogs. Both kids have very difficult approaches to dogs and she worked extremely well with each.” – Diane M. and their dogs, Angus and Tucker, reviewing their Canine to Five Program with Megan Cogswell


“I have been super impressed with the amount of communication and patience from both Megan and Lynn, who seemed to have worked the most with our puppy, Trudi. They both seem so invested in our pooch despite having many other puppies to train and work with. Their love for the animals they are training is evident and I feel like they have treated our Trudi like their own. I have also been very impressed with the way Lynn has gone above and beyond to help our smart, active girl stay motivated and learn new tricks. We are thinking Trudi will be a good candidate for some agility or other sport dog training, and both Megan and Lynn (and Katie at the very beginning) have tailored Trudi’s camp experience to include some introductory training in this area. So thankful for their guidance and knowledge sharing!

Love the updates on the private FB group! It was so nice to see how our pup was doing each week and to witness the fun and learning that was happening.” – Katie D. and their puppy, Trudi, reviewing their Puppy Prodigy Camp Program with Megan Cogswell, Lynn Seuer, and Katie Kelly

“Megan did a good job focusing a portion of her time on each puppy in all of the classes. Great exposure and learning experience for our puppy.” – Tonya B. and their puppy reviewing their Puppy Class with Megan Cogswell

“Megan is so knowledgeable and helped us understand our puppy’s struggles. She showed compassion and was very supportive in working with her aggression. We discovered, through class, that our puppy was anxious and aggressive towards other dogs. Megan helped us understand that she was not ready to be immersed in the puppy class experience. She then started coming to our house for 1:1 training.” – Natalie R. and their Cavalier King Charles, Coco, reviewing their Puppy Class with Megan Cogswell

“My puppy went from hiding under a chair to being social with other puppies. She [Luna] knew when we pulled up and would get excited. Welcoming and encouraging to pet owners. I felt safe having my dog in the environment and confidence that the trainer would keep an eye on when dogs needed to be put back on leash or separated.” – Amber A. and their German Shorthaired Pointer, Luna, reviewing their Puppy Class with Megan Cogswell

“Katie and Megan are awesome trainers! Being a new pet owner they were very understanding and patient with all my concerns and questions. My puppy, Dash, loved them! I enjoyed the report cards each week! Looking back I can see the progress Dash made. The trainers provided effective communication in meeting any concerns or questions I had. They helped me work through some issues with training. They not only helped train Dash, they helped train me as a new pet owner! I’ve learned so much about what it takes to have a happy home for me and Dash!

Thanks Katie and Megan for all your efforts and work with Dash (and me)! You’ve eased many of my fears of owning a pet and have provided a foundation for Dash and I too learn, love and be happy! Thank you!” – Jane M. and their Dachshund, Dash, reviewing their Puppy Camp: Puppy Prodigy program with Katie Kelly and Megan Cogswell

“I was disappointed when I learned the class was going to be taught online (not disappointed with Paws Abilities’ decision to do that, only with the situation). I thought my dog wouldn’t get much out of it [online class] because I thought it would only be productive having dogs in close proximity to mine. I was wrong! In some ways, I think he was better able to learn the skills without the stress of other dogs around. I liked the amount of time spent talking about each dog’s needs. It was fun to get to know the other dogs’ owners, and very helpful to hear the instructor’s advice on how to work with certain behaviors. The instructors’ understanding of dog behavior and creative training methods are amazing to me!!! And their methods work!!!” – Andrea N. and their Alaskan Husky mix, Takoda, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Shalise Keating & Megan Cogswell

“The homework and documentation were very helpful and I still refer back to it. He and I both learned so much and I get so many compliments on what a well-behaved dog he is! The trainers were great to work with and talk with. The follow-up at the end of the day was always nice! I haven’t had a puppy since I was 10 years old, and of course it’s more the parents that train at that age. I was so nervous about training and raising a good and well-mannered dog. Paws Abilities truly took the doubt out of the equation for me! I owe you a huge gratitude and have ended up with such a good boy!” – Anonymous, reviewing Puppy Camp with Katie Kelly, Margit Lovoll, Megan Cogswell, and Demian Smith

“Her (Jenna) love of dogs and passion to teach was obvious and appreciated. The use of partitions was new to us and felt very effective given our young boxer. The teamwork of Jenna and Megan was great.” Cindy D. and her Boxer, Autumn, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Jenna Kaliszewski & Megan Cogswell