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Do you want…

A happy dog who always comes when called?

a happy dog who always comes when called?

A lifelong companion you can be proud to take anywhere?

a lifelong companion you can be proud to take anywhere?

A polite pup who greets others appropriately?

a polite pup who greets others appropriately?

We can show you how!

We are a collective of professional dog trainers who are committed to serving Rochester, Southeastern Minnesota, and the Twin Cities metro area with the finest instruction available.

Our training techniques are humane, effective, and fun for dog and owner. We use the same scientifically sound training methods that professional animal trainers use in zoos and aquariums worldwide.

We offer something for everyone!

  • Start your dog off on the right paw with Beginning Obedience classes for a lifetime of companionship and good habits. Puppies under a year are invited to join our Puppy Social Club, a supportive (and competitive) Facebook group that competes for monthly prizes by earning points on your puppy’s daily adventures!
  • Looking for more personal help or dealing with a serious behavior issue? A Private Training Consult may be the answer.
  • We offer a wide range of classes for every dog and person. Check out Canine Agility or Tricks Class for maximum fun, or enroll in a Canine Good Citizen course to improve obedience skills. We can even help aggressive dogs learn to be calm and non-reactive on walks with our Reactive Dog classes! Check out our Classes page for a full listing of all the options.

Learn from the Best: our instructors are credentialed by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. We attend and host seminars and conferences on a regular basis in order to bring the best new techniques and learning to you. Instructors regularly attend classes, seminars, and competitions with their own dogs in order to gain experience in all areas of training and behavior.

Learn More about what makes Paws Abilities Dog Training unique, or check out the Schedule page to find out which classes are starting soon!

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As a groomer, I always believed in "humanity before vanity." If it's not possible to run a comb through your dog's coat smoothly all the way from the skin to the tip of the hair, you may have matting present. Even if it's possible for a skilled groomer to demat your dog's tangled coat, it is likely not the kindest or most comfortable option for your dog. ... See MoreSee Less

DOODLES! (And others) The perfect photo (from another groomer) to show how matting happens at the base (or at the skin). So many doodle owners are saddened to hear the only thing I can do with their p...

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Training Tip Tuesday: thinking of your dog as "misbehaving" or "acting out" predisposes you to punishment. Instead, consider that your dog is struggling to handle a situation that is too difficult for her, and try to determine how you can better support her. ... See MoreSee Less

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