Event Reviews

“This was a kind, thoughtful, impactful talk by a trainer who’s walked the walk. Bailey’s ideas and examples were helpful and free of judgement, with lots of simple ideas to improve the quality of life for both human and canine.” – Sara R, reviewing the Accessible Paws Seminar with Bailey Stickney

“This was such a great presentation! Bailey’s speaking voice is lovely and her pacing is perfect – fast enough to keep my ADHD brain engaged, but slow enough to allow for note-taking and questions. Her video examples were clear and helpful, and I picked up some brilliant new tips that I’ll be using (for example, an under-the-door draft guard will be traveling with us to hotels in the future – so smart)! This was an information-packed, realistic, authentic presentation about living with noisy dogs. Thank you!” – Sara R. and their sport mutt The Morrigan, reviewing the Breaking Up The Bark Brigade seminar with Bailey Stickney

“Lots of images and some video examples of various body language, along with detailed explanation of what we are seeing and what it meant. This was a great seminar and I will be watching for it to be offered again because I have a few people who should check it out.” – Kristen K. and their German shepherd dog, Linus, reviewing the Decoding Dogs seminar with Sara Reusche

“Provided lots of toy examples, discussed dog-psychology, and VERY BEST DEMO DOGS. Really great class. The psychology of play and how to escalate and de-escalate your dog’s level of excitement was SO EXCELLENT. And demonstrations with the dogs was fun and interesting” -Kristen K. reviewing their Toy Play Skill Building Workshop

“Well organized!” -Kate An H. reviewing the Dog Gear Swap event

“Well organized, just the right capacity for the event. Organizers were flexible and adaptable. No drama that I noticed. There was lots of help. LOVED the concept of having a single point of $$ collection, also allowing shoppers to use CC.” -Becky H. reviewing the Dog Gear Swap event

“Picked a top-notch presenter with evidence based material” – Greg T. reviewing The Great Big Dog Behavior Workshop

“Communication was great, organization as far as timing, snacks, lunches, information, handouts, etc. was excellent, everyone was friendly… I thought it was extremely well run! Good job! I really can’t think of anything you could have done better. That was a lot of people to host and it seemed to go off flawlessly (from the participant’s view). I’m looking forward to attending future seminars!” – Linda B. reviewing The Great Big Dog Behavior Workshop

“Excellent topic, I loved incorporating a shared interest /concern that affected both vet med staff and other animal interests (trainers, breeders, groomers). It helps create a community, not opposition to each other. Staff was great. It was awesome getting to know of another training facility that I am not familiar with.” Christine W. reviewing The Great Big Dog Behavior Workshop