Katie’s Client Reviews



“Katie and her teaching partner [Denise] are absolute rock stars, and one on one engagement was on point.” -Tony B. and his Doberman Thor reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep class with Katie and Denise

“Beau and I enjoyed the training. We liked Katie a lot. We plan on continuing with it this spring if there is a Good Citizen class in Rochester on the weekends.” -Jerry F. and his Australian Shepherd Beau reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Katie

“We had Katie with Beinn a year ago. She has gotten to be a really good trainer since then and she is really great about e-mails and information. She has good leadership skills in the classroom and pays attention to what all the dogs and owners are doing. I really like the positive approach to training and using the clicker. Your instructors have been very helpful with having two maniac pups in the same class.” -Andrea C. and her Border Collies Mirk and Strath, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Katie

“Loved it… this was so much fun. After training puppies for months on end, it was great to just give them great stuff to go into a kennel… it helped us realize that we needed soft sided kennels that fold down. So we got that done. The pups have been kennel trained since age 7 weeks. It helped me think about other things that could be used as reinforcements for behaviors.” -Andrea and Mark C. and their Border Collies Mirk and Strath, reviewing their Crate Games class with Katie

“It was helpful to see how Katie worked with each of our dogs to demonstrate the techniques she was teaching. Looking back, I think one of the most valuable parts of this class was how Katie talked about how her dog used to run away a lot and could not be trusted off leash. She told us how hard she worked and how long it took her to teach her dog to be off leash. It was very inspiring to hear and encouraged us to keep working with our dog and have patience with him and with ourselves.” -Kristine H. and her Labrador Retriever Doug reviewing their Rocket Recall class with Katie

“We love Katie, she is a natural. Bindi loves her too. We will continue to sign up for classes with Katie until she and Bindi have us well trained!” -Sinead and Dan C. with their Chow Chow/Border Collie cross Bindi, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie



“Everything was great! Friendly staff, they treated Lupin well, he had a ton of fun and came home smarter and better behaved every day. We will be back. I’ve already blabbed about how great the program is to other people. Katie and Kera were awesome and Lou absolutely loved them! I think he’s been a little depressed since classes ended because he hasn’t seen them every day…” -Melisa F. and her Australian Shepherd Lupin, reviewing their Canine University day camp program

“Katie did a phenomenal job explaining why she was teaching us the skills that she taught us. She always demonstrated what each task should look like. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! I’ve signed up for the Focus & Control and Rocket Recall next. I specifically signed up for the classes that Katie is the instructor for.” -Lynn C. and her Golden Retriever Luka, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“I absolutely LOVED Katie. She does a great job explaining what we should do. Understands our dogs behaviors. Very impressed. I enjoyed everything about the class. Will definitely look at other classes. I have had Katie and Sarala (for CGC Prep). Both great experiences.” -Jamie M. and her German Shepherd Dani, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“Katie was great. Very knowledgeable and helpful! I was very satisfied with overall experience. Katie helped us find the methods and equipment (Freedom halter) that worked best for our dog’s personality and level of training. It was wonderful to have a small class with a nice sized space so everyone could have individual attention as well as room to practice. We were also happy wiht the location as it was convenient for us and we were happy to find a new spot – Rochester Feed and Country Store (south) – to purchase our pet supplies.

“I have taken several dog training classes in Decorah IA in the past before we moved to the Rochester area (with our old setters we had before Jackson). The Decorah experiences were very good experiences so I feel we have a good basis for comparison. In addition, we took Jackson to a puppy class at Leashes and Leads. The class at Leashes and Leads had way too many participants and the instructors were unprofessional and did not seem to be very knowledgeable. In contrast, the class with Katie compared very favorably to our classes in Decorah and was MUCH more beneficial than the Leashes and Leads class. We are so happy that we found Paws Abilities and Katie!” -Nancy W and her English Setter Jackson, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“Katie tailored her approach to each team’s needs.” -Sharon T. with her Australian Shepherd Niko reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie


“You went above and beyond! How fortunate we are that you exist! I really appreciated all that the trainers kindly offered to both me and Earl. You had very thorough handouts and instruction from trainers. It was fun and Earl was ready to work! I miss going to Camp.” – Ann B. and her foster puppy, Hound Earl, reviewing their Puppy Head Start Day Camp program (with trainers Kera, Katie, and Michelle)

“All of the information we received (both in class and on-line blogs) helped Blue Belle’s behavior. It has also helped us gain insight into helping us think of ways to communicate with Blue Belle. We think Blue Belle enjoyed the activity. Especially when she was allowed to pick-out her reward toy. 🙂 You kept the dogs very safe.” -Mary S. and her Coonhound Blue Belle reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Katie & Kera

“It was a very helpful class with lots of one on one. Class sizes are small and fun. Katie and Kera did a wonderful job and I wish I could take more classes with those two specifically, but I’m sure all of the other trainers are just as wonderful. Everything blew my expectations out of the water. The training they used has worked really well and the relaxation protocol is very helpful in helping Miah learn to calm down, something that is hard for a working dog. Thank you for providing this course and all of the material. It has helped tremendously with Miah and her seemingly endless supply of energy. She now calms down quickly after training allowing me to focus my energy elsewhere.” -Wyatt R. and his German Shepherd Dog Miah, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Katie & Kera

“I have taken classes with Katie a few times and I absolutely love her. She is fun and engaging and explains things in a really interesting and understandable manner. This was my first class with Kera and I thought she was awesome! She and Katie worked super well together and both were smart and fun. I was excited to come to class each week! I especially loved the last week where we played some games and really changed things up. I liked that every week was different. We went outside sometimes, spent time doing different pop-out games (my favorite!), and always learned something new.” -Martha B. and her Pointer cross Bock reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Katie & Kera

“Katie was really helpful. She took a lot of time to address our concerns and gave us a very clear plan for improvement. She showed us how to go about training Coco and alerted us to a lot of different dog behaviors we didn’t know about. She made us feel so much better about how we had previously addressed issues with Coco and she reassured us that the behaviors she was exhibiting were normal and trainable. The handouts and summary were great. Honestly, the appointment was expensive, but she did such a great job that I felt good about spending the money.” -Jan B. and her YoChon Coco, reviewing their private training lesson with Katie


“We love the positive approach! You were positive toward my puppy and myself. Very knowledgeable and helpful! I appreciated the pictures and videos of my dog on Facebook. I always enjoyed the daily journal, conference and handouts! I am impressed with everything about Paws Abilities!

“To recognize specific trainers, Kera was wonderful! My puppy loves her! I also enjoyed Katie. She gave me great ideas that were simple and they worked!” -Judy H. and her Morkie Casey, reviewing her Puppy Junior High Day Camp experience

“Great idea for a class. Lots of good exercises, games, and tips. Our dog really enjoyed this class and our trainer. Good preparation and variety of exercises. Good instruction and explanations. Good personalized tips. Apprecaite the summary emails to remember what we covered and use for reference.” -Jean R. and her Springer cross Maisie, reviewing their Outdoor Adventures class with Katie

“Positive and informative! Katie is very patient. She cared about my dog. Katie offered practical ideas that work. I liked the handouts and follow up email summarizing what she taught my dog and I. Couldn’t be more satisfied!” -Judy H. and her Morkie Casey, reviewing their New Puppy private lesson with Katie

“I love how every dog is not expected to do everything the same. The class is tailored to each dog and what they need to work on and what level they work at. The teachers are always willing to help and answer any questions and come up with different options to come to a solution on what works best for each dog.” -Rachel M. and her Lab/Basset Hound cross Willy, and her Lab/Pit Bull cross Hershey, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Katie & Carrie D.

“Carrie and Katie were excellent. They made it fun! Started and ended on time, had an agenda… class plan for the night. Each of us received individual attention. The class size was small & manageable.” – Peggy J .and her Golden Retriever Cody, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Katie & Carrie D.

“Katie asked lots of questions and took notes. She works well with dogs and is so calm. She has creative ideas and makes good recommendations even when they might be something that the dog owner could disagree with.

“Katie was very prepared with training materials, treats and had resources on her laptop that she provided for me. It helped that she knows me and my dog from the 6-week puppy camp. Since the class we’ve had some correspondence and she sent me more resources. I’m always impressed with how knowledgeable she is and impressed by her calm demeanor when the goofy dog is jumping all over her because he is so excited.” – Mary M. and her Goldendoodle Cooper, reviewing their private training lesson with Katie

“Excellent investment. Katie left us with 4 distinct assignments. Even though we haven’t worked through all of them yet, the one she selected for us to try first has worked wonders already. Katie was great with Mimi and left us with tasks that were very simple, yet gave quite a lot of change for the better. My experience with Paws Abilities has always been very positive and this interaction was no different. Your behavioral specialists are well trained, well spoken and patient. Katie took the time to let me know that we had done quite a lot of good work prior to having our consult, explained possible reasons that Mimi is the way she is, and realistic expectations for the future.” – Juanita P. and her Pomeranian Mimi, reviewing their private training lesson with Katie


“Katie was just great. She had the strategies and solutions we were looking for with Charlie. I think Katie is a fantastic trainer who communicates so well with owners as well.” – Missy M. and her Shih Tzu/Bichon cross Charlie, reviewing their private training lesson with Katie

“My dog enjoyed himself which made me happy and I learned some key things to try with him to modify his behavior. The tools we learned were easy and seem like improvement is attainable. The trainer was very accommodating and worked with my crazy schedule. She even was abel to schedule an appt on a Sunday afternoon which worked out great. Living in Red Wing makes it more difficult to get to Rochester to fit in a session so I was very excited she worked with me on the day and time.” – Jody R. and her Golden Retriever Nickel, reviewing their private training lesson with Katie