Katie’s Client Reviews



“Katie and her teaching partner [Denise] are absolute rock stars, and one on one engagement was on point.” -Tony B. and his Doberman Thor reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep class with Katie and Denise

“Beau and I enjoyed the training. We liked Katie a lot. We plan on continuing with it this spring if there is a Good Citizen class in Rochester on the weekends.” -Jerry F. and his Australian Shepherd Beau reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Katie

“We had Katie with Beinn a year ago. She has gotten to be a really good trainer since then and she is really great about e-mails and information. She has good leadership skills in the classroom and pays attention to what all the dogs and owners are doing. I really like the positive approach to training and using the clicker. Your instructors have been very helpful with having two maniac pups in the same class.” -Andrea C. and her Border Collies Mirk and Strath, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Katie

“Loved it… this was so much fun. After training puppies for months on end, it was great to just give them great stuff to go into a kennel… it helped us realize that we needed soft sided kennels that fold down. So we got that done. The pups have been kennel trained since age 7 weeks. It helped me think about other things that could be used as reinforcements for behaviors.” -Andrea and Mark C. and their Border Collies Mirk and Strath, reviewing their Crate Games class with Katie

“It was helpful to see how Katie worked with each of our dogs to demonstrate the techniques she was teaching. Looking back, I think one of the most valuable parts of this class was how Katie talked about how her dog used to run away a lot and could not be trusted off leash. She told us how hard she worked and how long it took her to teach her dog to be off leash. It was very inspiring to hear and encouraged us to keep working with our dog and have patience with him and with ourselves.” -Kristine H. and her Labrador Retriever Doug reviewing their Rocket Recall class with Katie

“We love Katie, she is a natural. Bindi loves her too. We will continue to sign up for classes with Katie until she and Bindi have us well trained!” -Sinead and Dan C. with their Chow Chow/Border Collie cross Bindi, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie



“Everything was great! Friendly staff, they treated Lupin well, he had a ton of fun and came home smarter and better behaved every day. We will be back. I’ve already blabbed about how great the program is to other people. Katie and Kera were awesome and Lou absolutely loved them! I think he’s been a little depressed since classes ended because he hasn’t seen them every day…” -Melisa F. and her Australian Shepherd Lupin, reviewing their Canine University day camp program

“Katie did a phenomenal job explaining why she was teaching us the skills that she taught us. She always demonstrated what each task should look like. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! I’ve signed up for the Focus & Control and Rocket Recall next. I specifically signed up for the classes that Katie is the instructor for.” -Lynn C. and her Golden Retriever Luka, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“I absolutely LOVED Katie. She does a great job explaining what we should do. Understands our dogs behaviors. Very impressed. I enjoyed everything about the class. Will definitely look at other classes. I have had Katie and Sarala (for CGC Prep). Both great experiences.” -Jamie M. and her German Shepherd Dani, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“Katie was great. Very knowledgeable and helpful! I was very satisfied with overall experience. Katie helped us find the methods and equipment (Freedom halter) that worked best for our dog’s personality and level of training. It was wonderful to have a small class with a nice sized space so everyone could have individual attention as well as room to practice. We were also happy wiht the location as it was convenient for us and we were happy to find a new spot – Rochester Feed and Country Store (south) – to purchase our pet supplies.

“I have taken several dog training classes in Decorah IA in the past before we moved to the Rochester area (with our old setters we had before Jackson). The Decorah experiences were very good experiences so I feel we have a good basis for comparison. In addition, we took Jackson to a puppy class at Leashes and Leads. The class at Leashes and Leads had way too many participants and the instructors were unprofessional and did not seem to be very knowledgeable. In contrast, the class with Katie compared very favorably to our classes in Decorah and was MUCH more beneficial than the Leashes and Leads class. We are so happy that we found Paws Abilities and Katie!” -Nancy W and her English Setter Jackson, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“Katie tailored her approach to each team’s needs.” -Sharon T. with her Australian Shepherd Niko reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Katie

“You went above and beyond! How fortunate we are that you exist! I really appreciated all that the trainers kindly offered to both me and Earl. You had very thorough handouts and instruction from trainers. It was fun and Earl was ready to work! I miss going to Camp.” – Ann B. and her foster puppy, Hound Earl, reviewing their Puppy Head Start Day Camp program (with trainers Kera, Katie, and Michelle)