Lindsay’s Client Reviews

“The trainers were very patient and understanding, especially since I often had my children with me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a family friendly training option. Thank you, I appreciate you and your work.” – Elizabeth P. and her Border Collie, Hiro, reviewing their Reactive Dog Sports Sampler class with Lindsay Kinney and Jenna Kaliszewski

“Bizzy loved class! Her confidence and focus improved week-to-week. We had a blast.” – Sara R. and her Terrier mix, Iskierka, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Lindsay Kinney & Brittany Ceroni

“Lindsay and Tish offered well-thought tips and suggestions. They have a great understanding of how to break training down into tiny pieces. The class had energy and was fun, in addition to being helpful. I always enjoy Paws Abilities classes and seminars!” – Maureen K. and her Labrador Retriever, Ember, reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep Course with Lindsay Kinney & Tish Hennigan

“I was very pleased, learned a lot and had fun. Henry thought it was the best thing ever. I like that there’s a wide variety of classes to choose from, with locations all over the Twin Cities. Also, if Lindsay Kinney is any indication of the quality of the rest of the instructors, I would say excellent. It is important to me to have positive reinforcement in training, rather than the old style of negative reinforcement.” – Karen H. and her Border Collie/Golden mix, Henry, reviewing their Intro to Dog Sports class with Lindsay Kinney

“I’ve been to other places [for training], and think Paws Abilities fits me above all the others. The trainers were very helpful. I feel you care for our pups and us. Thank you.” – Colleen O. with her Boston Terrier mix, Bruce, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie Davis & Lindsay Kinney

“Lindsay was very well prepared and had in-depth knowledge of the subject. I appreciated that she shared her personal experience with her own dog, Rosie. She was friendly and the attendees felt comfortable to ask questions.
Great speaker, great topic. The length of this (1.5 hours) was just right and nice price. I’m looking forward to learning more from you!” – Lisa S. reviewing the Happy Husbandry seminar with Lindsay Kinney

“Lindsay is very knowledgeable and she keeps class fun with her sense of humor.” – Tiffany B. with her Lab/Cattle Dog mix, Fred, reviewing Intermediate Obedience with Lindsay

“I loved how nicely you split the basic behaviors (heel, front, positions) down into little teeny slices, with an emphasis on the dog’s comfort level. The courses were fun to practice, and the feedback that you gave was spot-on. The class flowed nicely from one exercise to another with enough time to practice in between each new piece.
The class emails were very helpful when I practiced with my puppy in between classes. I also really appreciated the accommodations for my wheelchair and different ability levels from week-to-week.” – Sara R. with her Terrier mix, Iskierka, reviewing their Rally Obedience Foundations class with Lindsay Kinney

“How do I explain it? Always encouraging and positive with the way they help train us and the dogs. Had a nice way of helping us achieve our goals. If we weren’t doing something right or having a hard time with a technique, [they were] always positive on helping/coaching us through it, so we would get it and be motivated to keep working on it. Really appreciate both of the ladies.” – Nancy K. and her Australian Shepherd, Sophie, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control lessons with Katie Kelly and Lindsay Kinney

“Lindsay is very helpful!” – Sue K. with her Bernese/Poodle mix, Rugby, reviewing Canine Good Citizen Prep with Lindsay Kinney

“This class was so much fun for my dog and me, containing engaging activities and enlightening information about canine senses. Lindsay has a wealth of knowledge about this subject and was also ready to jump in with training suggestions (always welcome and helpful!). My dog really enjoyed each class, especially taste, which was saved for the last class like the delicious cherry on top! I am really interested in taking a Rally class with Lindsay at a later date.
The neurobics class was extremely prep intensive! I’m a former primary teacher, and it was obvious to me how much preparation was involved in every class. Tish was invaluable to Lindsay in getting everything set up and keeping things moving smoothly. Lindsay had to shop for things (especially for the taste class) as well as set up activities, and it was clear she spent lots of time getting ready for every class. We got optimum attention!
I loved the materials which were shared by email. I have a folder on my desktop dedicated to neurobics! This was a fabulous experience for us! Thank you Lindsay and Tish.” – Mary M. with her Golden Retriever, Klooney, reviewing Canine Neurobics with Lindsay Kinney and Tish Hennigan

“Class was such a fun ‘date night’ for my dog and me! The pace was just right, and the instruction and skills were tailored for each individual so that we were all working at an appropriate level for our experience. The variety of tricks were fun and interesting. 10/10, would take again!” – Sara R. and her terrier mix, Pantalaimon, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with Lindsay Kinney

“Excellent speakers with a lot of good information and experiences to share! Very engaging! Thank you so much for providing this seminar! I truly did enjoy the day and look forward to attending additional classes with my dog(s) in the future.” – Kelly K. reviewing the So You Want to Be a Dog Trainer workshop with Lindsay Kinney and Sara Reusche

“I just love Paws Abilities Dog Training. All the trainers I have met are great. Very fun and helpful. Thank you for offering these classes. We have been to two other training places – too many dogs and hard to learn or hear what the trainers are saying. I feel you know what we need to help us train our fur babies well.” – Colleen O. with her Boston Terrier, Bruce, reviewing Beginning Obedience with Lindsay Kinney

“Lindsay has always been amazing with Lolah. I have now been with Paws Abilities for a year and Lindsay has been one of the main reasons!” -Leah G. with her Tibetan Terrier, Lolah, reviewing Fun Tricks with Lindsay Kinney

“Lindsay is a great trainer to say the least. I had a lot to work through and learn with Josie’s leash pulling and distractions. Lindsay gave such great insight and advice that Josie is enjoying many long walks already. [Josie]’s also “checking in” with me regularly anywhere we are, helping to keep her focused. The training comes with an exceptional level of knowledge and capability to share and explain. We have two dogs now that are much happier and healthier due to the structure of the class. I have been very pleased with my experiences and look forward to more classes for both dogs. I have been mentioning Paws Abilities to many of my patients and friends with high recommendation.” Jenny S. and her Coonhound, Josie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Lindsay Kinney

“The instructor kept to the subjects to cover and managed class time well. Ground rules were always well-explained ahead of time. Material was presented at an appropriate level, although she obviously knew a lot more than she was explaining. Attention was paid to keeping the dogs comfortable and maintaining a great learning environment for all.” – Becky H. and her dog, Razzie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Lindsay Kinney

“Fun class – great instructors. I really enjoyed building on the strategic heeling trick through the class – slowly putting the pieces together.” – Sara B. and her Labrador Retriever mix, Emma, reviewing their Advanced Tricks class with Lindsay Kinney and Carrie Davis

“My trainers were Lindsay and Carrie, two of the best trainers out there. It was a sure thing that I was going to learn something and come out of the course with better skills.” – Terry K. and his Australian Cattle Dog, Forrest, reviewing their Advanced Tricks class with Lindsay Kinney and Carrie Davis

“We were very pleased with the structure of the class and knowledge that backed the training. We have had success with Winnie’s training. We were very satisfied with Lindsay. She answered a lot of questions beyond what we were working on in class that was very helpful to our home. Great trainer. Structure of class makes for success with training. A lot of value for cost of class. Genuine interest in the dogs, how well they are doing, and how they will function throughout their lives. The humans feel they are set up to succeed.” – Jennifer S. and her German Shepherd Dog mix, Winnie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Lindsay Kinney

“My dog loves Megan and Lindsay. The class is great and very flexible!” – Roberta J. and her Golden Retriever, Bjorn, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab lessons with Lindsay Kinney and Megan Janning

“It was fun and much more relaxed than the typical classroom setting. I enjoyed being able to talk to the instructor one-on-one and really learned a lot. And my dog loves being outdoors and all the smells it offers. It was good for him to get exposed to new experiences like sand, slides (no go), swings (yes!) and waves (YIKES!)” – Jerry V. and her Coton De Tulear, Prince Tomi Feather, reviewing their Outdoor Adventures class with Lindsay

“This is a great class. We are taking this for the second time. We learn new things each week. We also review lessons and can ask a lot of questions. Megan and Lindsay are such knowledgeable trainers. Björn loves Megan and Lindsay!” – Roberta & Mark Johnson and their Golden Retriever, Björn, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab lessons with Lindsay Kinney and Megan Janning

“I left feeling like my dog and I were a team. Before then, I was not sure if I could handle her as she gets bigger. What a difference! You taught me how to handle my dog in a way that she understands. You were sincere and truthful so that I could make wise decisions about caring responsibly for my German Shepherd. I feel so good about working with my dog. I enjoy her so much more now.” – Charisa H. and her German Shepherd, Destiny, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Lindsay Kinney

“I learned a lot about animal behavior including why dogs behave the way they do in certain situations. Our morning routine has improved (with the addition of the mat) and so has walking on the leash” – Yvonne L. and her Cavalier King Charles, Izzy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience lessons with Lindsay Kinney

“Our trainers gave a lot of good advice on several different strategies, but also work with the individual dogs to find what worked best for each one. The environment they created was a comfortable and fun one in which to learn. We have loved every trainer we’ve gotten to work with and really appreciate all the time, energy, love, and support they provide for us and our dog” – Olivia O. and her American Bulldog mix, Luffy, reviewing their Leash Pullers Anonymous lessons with Lindsay Kinney and Terry Kennedy-Lares

“Great job making sure puppies were playing at a comfortable level for the individual pup!” – Dawn F. and her Corgi, Nyx, reviewing Puppy Class with Lindsay Kinney and Terry Kennedy-Lares

“Lindsay was great! She is very knowledgeable and was great about giving advice throughout the course. She also answered all of my many questions. She is such a sweetheart!” – Leah G. and her Tibetan Terrier, Lolah, reviewing Puppy Class with Lindsay Kinney

“This class was everything I hoped for. Taught me a handful of new skills and confirmed that was doing other things I already knew correctly and Laura Lindsay were very knowledgeable. Thank you for giving me more confidence working with my reactive dog. While I have some more work to do things are already better. You were easy to talk to, good atmosphere, good explanations.” – Carey H. and her Cattle Dog/Husky cross Ava, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura McKinney and Lindsay Kinney


“Pan and I had so much fun! This was the perfect class to take our skills on the road. I learned a lot about him and we continued to build our connection in more distracting environments. His all-time favorite week was frisbee golfing, but I think there were parts about each week of class that he really loved. You kept the class moving while still allowing time for play and exploration in the unique environments, which is a difficult balancing act. I was incredibly impressed with each and every location you chose, and it was clear that you put a lot of effort into researching interesting, safe, dog-friendly environments.” – Sara R. and her Jack Russell cross Pantalaimon, reviewing their Outdoor Adventures class with Lindsay Kinney

“Carrie and Lindsay were knowledgeable about dogs AND people training. I liked that they stayed low key and didn’t amp up our fears and trepidations of owning a reactive dog. We have had some training with our dog in the past and there were a lot of similarities, but the big difference was not to work too fast for the dog. Take more baby steps. We are going to continue to use the tools that we were taught and see how our dog does. She’s better already from the classes we took from you. The trainers were very welcoming, helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable.” -Kim and Jerome F. and their Bulldog Ruby, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Carrie D. & Lindsay


“So much fun taking another class with Odin. I learned so much and Lindsay was awesome! You guys are just all around awesome. I’m always recommending people to you if they want more classes.” -Margit L and her Bernese Mountain Dog Odin, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with Lindsay

“Very friendly and helpful staff 🙂 I will definitely be taking another class. Lindsay was great and Terry was awesome!!” – Chelsea A. and her Pomeranian, Mookie reviewing their Beginning Obedience Lessons with Lindsay and Terry

“Carrie and Lindsay were both professional and also personable. They made sure to provide information to the class, while also personalizing the training to the individual. They were well prepared and worked well as a team. I was also thankful for the kindness they showed to me, my mother, and Koda. It was very much appreciated.” -Katie K. and her Golden Retriever Koda, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. & Lindsay


“Having music during class made it a really fun atmosphere! It was never overpowering, but just kept you grooving the whole class period. 90 minutes for class is a long time, and sometimes I fade by the end of class. But the music kept everything fun and everyone was engaged the whole time. Lindsay and Carrie are a great team!! They both had great insights.
“This is at least the second time we’ve taken Focus & Control and it was fun each time. I feel like we learned something during every class, and it really didn’t feel like we were repeating tons of things that we’ve done before. Sure, we knew some of the exercises because we’ve done them before, but Carrie and Lindsay are great at pointing out ways to take your dog to the next level with the exercise and make it harder for them so that they continue to be challenged.” – Rachel M. and her Pit Bull, Nala, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. & Lindsay

“Able to help with individual dogs’ problems. So caring and understanding. You don’t feel alone knowing your dog NEEDS TRAINING! My dog is in love with Megan.” – Roberta J. and her Golden Retriever, Bjorn reviewing their Focus and Control Course with Lindsay and Megan