Shalise’s Client Reviews



“Shalise was great and I really liked the location” -Valerie B. and her Miniature Pinscher/Beagle cross Stoick reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Shalise

“Shalise was fantastic! I felt so at ease and in sync with her training style. I have learned so much, and she has made me more confident in my continued training with my Maiko. I actually cant wait to work on the techniques she has taught me, where in the past I have dreaded training. I am much more comfortable with my dog out in public, and will most definitely continue with the tools Shalise has provided me with. These are things I had hoped to get from this training time. Thank you Shalise!” -Barb A. and her German Shepherd Maiko reviewing their private training package with Shalise


“Shalise has been the most helpful with Strath who is currently just laying down in class. She helped me understand that he was too stressed. Everyone has been great about helping us find the right classes for each of the puppies… including really good communication with Jan. I have learned so much in the year and a half since we started training [our other dog] Beinn. We have had lots of successes with all the dogs.” -Andrea C. and her Border Collie Strath reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Shalise

“The instructors were very good and helpful and the content was well presented. My dog really wants classes that offer more “action” and independent thinking, so this was probably very good for him to give a better foundation for future activities. You were kind, knowledgeable, prepared, and fun.” -Barbara H. and her English Bulldog Nigel, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Shalise and Carrie I.

“We learned alot.” -Robert and Debra R. with their Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Charlie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with trainer Shalise

“I brought my dog the second week and Shalise immediately recognized that I had a reactive dog. I am a novice dog owner and this was all new to me. She put dividers around my dog and helped me through the class and encouraged me and reminded me that my dog was not a bad dog, just super scared. Shalise suggested private lessons, which I believe is the right course. Thank you Shalise for support me and my dog. Shalise invited me to continue to come to class without the dog too. I loved that!!” – Tracy M. and her Shih Tzu Sasha, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Shalise

“Shalise was non judgmental and encouraging. She listened and had great ideas to offer. She always came with reference material either hard copies or on line supports. She checks in with me by email occasionally. I love it.” – Tracy M. and her Shih Tzu Sasha, reviewing their private training lessons with trainer Shalise


“Can’t say enough about your program. The stress level in our home r/t an on and off again aggressive dog was beyond high and help was on its way. Shalise is very knowledgeable. She cared about us and our dog situation and was such a comfort. She saw the tension in our home and immediately came up with a plan that was implement in the next few days. I have already recommended your services to other dog owners.

“We were really having a hard time dealing with our foster Katie’s aggression towards our dogs. Katie otherwise was a very sweet misunderstood pup who really had no breaks in her canine life. Shalise helped us understand more about Katie and how we should not feel guilty and the need to protect our present crew. I watched how she began to work with Katie from the first visit and this was very insightful to me. She also came up with a plan that relieved our stress and yet was giving Katie a change to maybe enjoy her life more and increase her trust with people.

“Paws Abilities listened our our needs, really listened and then observed. You could see and feel the level of expertise of our trainer and brought such a comfort in our home to us, our canines and felines as well. We are so pleased and only wish more people and dogs could use your services.” -Mary N. and her foster Brittany Katie, reviewing their private training lesson with Shalise

“Got to know each dog. Good awareness of their temperaments and tried to individualize as much as there was time to do that. Very positive in approach both with the dog and owner.” – Doreen M. and her Brussels Griffon, Orchid in their Beginning Obedience lessons with Shalise

“I really enjoyed the small class sizes!! Exceptional program very impressed.” -Kyle S. and his Collie Lucy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Shalise

“Shalise is an awesome instructor. We learned a lot. She is very knowledgeable and patient with dogs and owners! Gabby is going to be a school dropout for a few months, then she is excited to take more classes!!!” -Linda D. and her Golden Retriever Gabby, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Shalise


“Shalise is clearly tuned into Molly, our active Pyrenees, and was very patient. She was also mindful of what she has learned about us – our ages, habits, and tendencies. I appreciated her positive comments, but also her honesty in evaluating the situation. Her calm demeanor working with Molly and ability to size up the situation had a profound calming effect on me. This puppy experience has been really hard for us. Molly has gotten a little better since the visit.” -Jessica P and her Great Pyrenees Molly, reviewing their private training lesson with Shalise

“Good practical tips. Trainer was attentive to the individual needs of each dog and their handler. She referred us back to review some points from previous class handouts. It was good to have some reminders of things we’d forgotten about or missed the first time around. Keep up the great work! We have been very pleased with all our experiences with Paws Abilities.” – Nancy W. and her English Setter Jackson, reviewing their Holiday Manners class with Shalise

“Best trainer at Paws Abilities!” -Michelle R. and her Border Terrier Isaiah James, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Shalise


“Fun class – mostly just a reinforcement for my dog. Shalise is a friendly, competent instructor. I always learn from her. I really enjoy her classes. The classes are always educational and the instructors are helpful.” -Barbara H. and her English Bulldog Nigel, reviewing their Holiday Manners class with Shalise