Shalise’s Client Reviews



“Shalise was great and I really liked the location” -Valerie B. and her Miniature Pinscher/Beagle cross Stoick reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Shalise

“Shalise was fantastic! I felt so at ease and in sync with her training style. I have learned so much, and she has made me more confident in my continued training with my Maiko. I actually cant wait to work on the techniques she has taught me, where in the past I have dreaded training. I am much more comfortable with my dog out in public, and will most definitely continue with the tools Shalise has provided me with. These are things I had hoped to get from this training time. Thank you Shalise!” -Barb A. and her German Shepherd Maiko reviewing their private training package with Shalise

“Shalise has been the most helpful with Strath who is currently just laying down in class. She helped me understand that he was too stressed. Everyone has been great about helping us find the right classes for each of the puppies… including really good communication with Jan. I have learned so much in the year and a half since we started training [our other dog] Beinn. We have had lots of successes with all the dogs.” -Andrea C. and her Border Collie Strath reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Shalise

“The instructors were very good and helpful and the content was well presented. My dog really wants classes that offer more “action” and independent thinking, so this was probably very good for him to give a better foundation for future activities. You were kind, knowledgeable, prepared, and fun.” -Barbara H. and her English Bulldog Nigel, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Shalise and Carrie I.