Day Camp Testimonials

Canine University reviews:

“The trainers were very helpful and informative in reinforcing teaching to be done at home. They were very friendly and Jasmine loved them! We were given just the right amount of homework, and loved that Katie and Kera demonstrated first. They were very communicative with us and individualized the training to our puppy. We were extremely satisfied” – Anonymous, 10/5/16

Bella takes a field trip to Scheels to work on her obedience!


“The training seemed to be individualized to the dog’s abilities and previous learning. Katie was wonderful with Bella. Extremely satisfied.” -John E. and Bella (German Shepherd Dog), 9/1/16

“We had such a great experience with the Canine University! The trainers were extremely helpful and we noticed big improvement in our 1-year old dog’s behavior. We would definitely recommend this program to others.

“All of the counselors we worked with were really great. You can tell they really care about your dog’s training and do a wonderful job. They were flexible and tailored the training to my dog. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog in their care.

“Homework handouts were very helpful. I really enjoyed the recaps of each day and the pictures that were sent throughout the program. I could see my dog’s improvement with the homework. It was a great way to transition what he learned during the day to our home.

“We really loved the whole program. Training was tailored to my dog and his strengths and weaknesses. The trainers were attentive and provided helpful feedback. We saw a huge improvement in our dog’s behavior!” -Anonymous, 9/1/16

Lupin takes a field trip to a local park.


“Everything was great! Friendly staff, they treated Lupin well, he had a ton of fun and came home smarter and better behaved every day. We will be back. I’ve already blabbed about how great the program is to other people. You did everything well. Katie and Kera were awesome and Lou absolutely adored them! I think he’s been a little depressed since classes ended because he hasn’t seen them every day…” -Melisa F. and Lupin (Australian Shepherd), 9/14/16

Puppy Head Start reviews:

“You did a great job teaching me how to continue the work you were doing at camp! I liked all of the trainers. Katie was especially good at explaining the homework.” -Anonymous, 9/13/16



“You gave me the tools and education to continue to work on training at home. It was great to see my dog out in the community interacting with other people and dogs. Everyone was great and really seemed to care about my dog. I thought the program was really good, my dog really enjoyed coming to class every day, he was exhausted by the end of the day. We learned a lot.” – Leanne B. and Tucker (Dachshund), 10/6/16