Julia’s Client Reviews

“Copper was such a ‘fraidy cat’ when we started and he was doing so well our last class. I sure wish we could have made the very last class. Rescue Copper needed this class so much. There was so much kindness for my 8 year old rescue. Things were slow for us since he didn’t know other dogs and people. It really was the perfect atmosphere for him.” -Susan S. and her Miniature Schnauzer Copper reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Julia

“Julia is so supportive and enthusiastic. The class environment and location were convenient.” -Cheryl F. and her Cairn Terrier Gwendolyn reviewing the Canine Good Citizen prep class with  Julia

“Julia was a great teacher and gave great tips and advice. She kept the class moving at a good pace. She obviously is great at what she does and is passionate about dogs and training them well. I especially appreciated that she took pictures for us the last day and emailed them to us – so thoughtful and appreciated!” – Laura H. and her Cavachon Tucker, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Julia

“I was very satisfied with the amazing talents of the trainer. She is able to keep up with everything, for everyone individually and keep the class on track and on time. Able to overcome obstacles with practical solutions that worked great. I am actually really excited to Enroll Eddie in another course, and see how far we can go together. Hands down the best dog obedience program I have seen. I am very thankful to you for the wonderful lessons!” -Amber M. and her Pug Eddie reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Julia

“I was not able to attend many classes but got a lot of info from the class printouts and instructor. Class was enjoyable and Julia was very kind in always showing us techniques that would help us and our pets. I felt that she took the time to help us all on our problems we were having with our pets.” -Brenda T. and her Yorkshire Terrier Ellie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Julia

“You did great.” – Cassie D. and her Border Collie Yuki, reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep Course with  Julia

“Our dog, Griffyn, absolutely LOVED Julia!! I thought everything was done well. I liked the location, the attention to start and end times and everything else about the class. I’ve already referred another pet owner to the class!” – Sheryl B. and her Schnoodle Griffyn, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Julia

“Julia was great at keeping the pace of the class at the level of the slowest, but at the same time, kept everyone challenged. Not an easy thing to do! She did a great job at teaching the class, and the class is broken down/organized in a very good stepping stone manner/order. The hand outs each week were great, and tied in with the upcoming class.” – Ron C. with his Doberman Angel, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with  Julia

“Julia is the best! She is so patient with my quirky dog. She constantly praises and encourages him, and me, too! I don’t mind driving from Rochester to Kasson to attend her classes. She makes all the difference in my dog’s progress!” -Becky P. and her Dachshund/Rat Terrier cross Riley, reviewing their Door Manners class with Julia

“Love Julia!! I’ve made sure to sign up with her again! I really like Julia as a trainer and think I found the trainer for Cupcake!” -Brooke M. and her Morkie Cupcake, reviewing their Door Manners class with Julia

“Kapp, Julia, and Michelle are great instructors. They are very knowledgeable and made the class fun and educational. Jade and I are really enjoying K9 Nose Work!” -Denise K. and her Australian Shepherd Jade, reviewing their Beginning K9 Nose Work class with Kapp, Michelle, and Julia