Ashlee’s Client Reviews

“I have had a great experience every training I have brought my boys to. [Ashlee was great at] giving help when needed, or other ideas when struggling.” – Jane K. and their Golden Retriever Toby, reviewing their Intermediate Obedience class with Ashlee Meyer

“Ashlee was SO prepared and SO kind and attentive to all students! She was great at providing direction to the class as a whole and also one-on-one attention when needed. Feedback from her was always framed in a positive light as well, so it wasnt frustrating or discouraging at all. She was great!” – Alyssa F. reviewing Beginning Obedience class

“Ashlee was fantastic. Best dog trainer we have had!” – Kris L. with Tibetan Terrier cross Flynn, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class

“Ashlee was very organized during class as well as in her email communication. Her instructions were easy to follow in class, she repeated instructions or demonstrated them so that we could understand what we were to do with our dogs, and she respected the individual needs and characteristics of our dogs and gave them every opportunity to work out things themselves before putting up a screen as needed. She was extremely positive, reinforcing to our dogs and to us as owners. I loved her recipe for inexpensive, yummy homemade treats (sardines, graham crackers, eggs). So did our dog and my sisters’ dogs! She always sent us detailed summaries of our weekly assignments and responded to emails I sent for clarification or recommendations. I will look for her classes in the future for my dog. Ashlee was fabulous!” – Sara H. with Australian Shepherd cross Rowan, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class