Christie’s Client Reviews

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the class, but I really enjoyed it! Cris worked at my dog’s pace and was there to support us. Because she guided us to set Kinlee up for success, she did amazing by the second week and loved the game of nosework! Made the class fun and had us try new things.” – Kassidy M. and her dog, Kinlee, reviewing their Introduction to K9 Nose Work lessons with Christie

“She was kind, polite, and knowledgeable. The class content was great. My dog learned a lot, and I’m confident now in my own abilities to teach nosework outside of the class setting. I think the content was approachable, clear, and effective.” – Alexandra E. with her Hound mix, Lizzie, reviewing K9 Nosework with Christie V.

“Nice start for my dog. Gave him some great new behaviors as a result; including empowerment and bravery. Great instructor. Nice class size. After Nose Work i did take another class. Just a great trainer. She was knowledgeable and creative. She enjoyed my dog and wanted him to do his best. She would coach and instruct. She would come up with new ways to encourage him to put his face in a box. Always pleasant and quick to laugh. Kind. Just great! She provided book recommendations also. Appreciated her knowledge. Registration: easy, Website: easy, Class size: great, Location: great, Instruction: wonderful, Class length: right amount of time, Graduation: nice touch with the toys, Other Dogs: such a nice experience with the nose work class. I would take another class with Christie.” – Michele D. with her Shih Tzu, Java, reviewing K9 Nose Work with Christie V.

“Christie was amazing. She took things at a pace that my dog was very successful at, and was supportive of not only my dog, but my dog and myself as a team. I love Paws Abilities and recommend it to as many people as I can. The work that you all do is incredible and my dogs are always comfortable in the environment offered.” – Isabelle R. and her Border Collie, Campbell reviewing their K9 Nose Work  Course with Christie