Denise’s Client Reviews

“The instructor did a great job of helping us and teaching us.” – Amy N. and their bulldog x pit bull mix Rocky, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Denise Koster

“Denise did a great job and kept the dogs challenged. Was a great class.” – Christy R. and their coonhound Georgia, reviewing their K9 Nose/Scent Work class with Denise Koster

“Clear communication and great facility” -Lisa A. and her Golden Retriever Sera, reviewing their Intro to K9 Disc class with Denise Koster

“Denise was engaging and knowledgeable. The emails were very helpful and timely. Denise understands the temperaments of various dog breeds and had excellent, personalized tips for training. Enjoyed her class.” – Dawn U. with Sophie reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Denise Koster

“Communicated, checked in, [and] individual attention was given.” – Wendy S. with Honey reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Denise Koster

“Denise is very knowledgeable and really helped Dani and I understand the basics of scent work.” – Jamie M. with Dani reviewing their K9 Scent Work Class with Denise Koster

“I liked how the teacher would use the different dogs in class as examples. She would give gentle reminders on how to do something better without bringing a lot of attention to the individual needing assistance” – Doreen R. and her German Shepherd, Miah, reviewing their Beginning Obedience lessons with Denise

“Denise would take a dog and demonstrate what we needed to do. As we were practicing different activities with the dog, she would come over and correct us if we were doing something wrong.” – Doreen R. and her German Shepherd, Miah, reviewing their Intermediate Obedience class with Denise

“I think in general you offered a really quality class. I am glad I took it. The instructor, Denise, was very knowledgeable and helpful. I thought the space provided was very appropriate for the class.” -Christine W. and her dog, Sylvie, reviewing CGC Prep with Denise 

“I was having difficulty controlling my pup. Denise taught me how to, what to do and what not to ect.. Very patient with us!! Plus smaller classes gave us the ability to work with the dogs better i think. (there were enough distractions). Sign up was easy and a lot of class choices. Times, days, ect.” – Jane G. with her Bernese/Golden mix, Bernice, reviewing Beginning Obedience with Denise 

“Denise was awesome and so were our classmates. She was very in tune with the variety of needs and goals for our class as we were all there for different reasons/goals.” – Heidi H. with her Border Collie mix, Marvin, reviewing K9 Nosework with Denise 

“Love your classes. I have already done Beginning and Advanced Reactive, Privates, and now sent work. I will sign up for more classes. I was very happy. The trainer and the other people taking the class were very understanding and worked around my dog not being able to see the other dogs. Denise would put us in the furthest corner from the search area for safety. I loved this because it helped me relax.” -Larissa C. with her Australian Shepherd, Bella, reviewing K9 Nosework with Denise  

“Denise is so knowledgeable and so personable. She really connects with all students including the dogs and tailors her instruction to meet the needs of everyone. I would definitely take another class with her!”- Heidi H. and their German Shepherd Dog, Gemma, reviewing their K9 Scent Work class with Denise