Gina’s Client Reviews

“Gina and Max were both kind and supportive, offering gentle redirection and demonstrating proper ways of doing things” – Susannah K. with Bernese Mountain Dog cross Daisy reviewing Beginning Obedience with Gina Beers and Maxwell Johnson

“Gina is amazing. We are so happy that we switched to your school. We drove an hour one way to get to your classes and we just loved Gina. The approach of giving every dog their own little training space and gradually opening that space up as classes progressed is the most GENIUS and appreciated and needed experience. We brought our dog to class as we have another dog that is extremely anxious and fearful and we didn’t want our new puppy to be like that. Taking two classes with one dog, we now want the whole family to attend class! We are so excited to have found such patient, smart, innovative trainers!” – Kim A. with Dexter reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Gina Beers

“I loved the kindness, energy, and focus on helping puppies have great experiences! You’re all incredible!” – Sara R. with her Border Collie/Whippet cross Morrigan reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis, Gina Beers, and Maxwell Johnson

“Fun and outgoing instructors made it easy to keep engaged after a long day at work. Zekrom always had a blast as well. I don’t think he even realized he was learning! Lol. Thank you all for offering these classes!” – Nyx N. with Zekrom reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis and Gina Beers

“[Carrie and Gina] really catered to my small dog’s needs and made sure he was safe. All the teachers were excellent! However, Gina was especially attentive to Dexter as he was the smallest in class so she made sure he was safe but at the same time we felt completely included in the class. We had such an exceptional experience with Gina that I intentionally changed my schedule so I could ensure that we can attend her Beginning Obedience class.” – Kim A. with Dexter reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis and Gina Beers

“I am highly impressed by both Carrie and Gina. I would not hesitate to have Hudson work with either in the future. Trainers do a terrific job communicating with all.” – Nicole H. with Hudson reviewing Puppy Class with Gina Beers and Carrie Davis

“This class was awesome!! Carrie and Gina are great hands-on instructors. Whinnie loved the class and learned a lot! He loved Carrie and Gina too! The one-on-one attention was awesome!! The genuine love, passion, and care that they have for all the puppies was second to none!!” – Kim E. and their puppy, Whinnie, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis and Gina Beers

“Carrie and Gina were wonderful and I felt comfortable asking all my questions. It was a relief to be able to have my puppy meet other pups in a positive and safe environment during COVID/ 

Linus enjoys anything with food and he appreciated that the first week he could be partnered with the shyer playmates and build his confidence. His only disappointment was that Carrie did not give him ALL of the treats in her treat pouch, despite his best efforts to get his nose in there and clean it out!

Reminded us of developmental stages and what we can reasonably expect of puppies. Also, confirming that my bitey puppy is normal and not a demon, and providing suggestions to help curb the unwanted behavior.” – Kristen K. and their GSD puppy, Linus, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis and Gina Beers

“Instructors were both excellent [and] had many great ideas. Worked 1:1 with everyone every class and worked at the level of each dog.” – Cindee L. and their Labrador Retriever, Archie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Jenna Kaliszewski and Gina Beers