Gina’s Client Reviews

“This class was awesome!! Carrie and Gina are great hands-on instructors. Whinnie loved the class and learned a lot! He loved Carrie and Gina too! The one-on-one attention was awesome!! The genuine love, passion, and care that they have for all the puppies was second to none!!” – Kim E. and their puppy, Whinnie, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis and Gina Beers

“Carrie and Gina were wonderful and I felt comfortable asking all my questions. It was a relief to be able to have my puppy meet other pups in a positive and safe environment during COVID/ 

Linus enjoys anything with food and he appreciated that the first week he could be partnered with the shyer playmates and build his confidence. His only disappointment was that Carrie did not give him ALL of the treats in her treat pouch, despite his best efforts to get his nose in there and clean it out!

Reminded us of developmental stages and what we can reasonably expect of puppies. Also, confirming that my bitey puppy is normal and not a demon, and providing suggestions to help curb the unwanted behavior.” – Kristen K. and their GSD puppy, Linus, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie Davis and Gina Beers

“Instructors were both excellent [and] had many great ideas. Worked 1:1 with everyone every class and worked at the level of each dog.” – Cindee L. and their Labrador Retriever, Archie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Jenna Kaliszewski and Gina Beers