Kerry’s Client Reviews

“The resources were thorough and very helpful! We’ve been able to take some of the foundational skills we learned in this class and apply them to other situations with our dog, which has been wonderful for training and keeping him (and us) happy! 🙂 Thank you for a great class!” – Jessie J. with Willy reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Michelle Daiss and Kerry Todd.

“Super happy we enrolled our pup in this program, his confidence went through the roof and is much more command-driven. Megan and Kerry were AWESOME. Ruger got very attached to Kerry, and that made dropping him off much more comforting, knowing he felt safe! Kerry – our dog and us loved her! Megan – she was our go-to from the start, she is knowledgeable and was always available for questions.” – Taylor K. and their puppy, Ruger, reviewing their Puppy Camp: Genius Program with Megan Cogswell and Kerry Todd