Linda’s Client Reviews

“Linda was awesome and very helpful! We wish she was teaching the next class we signed up for. She was patient and knowledgeable!” -Krista D. with her labrador, Riley, reviewing Beginning Obedience with Linda B.

“Great class… we learned so much! I have taken a similar class about 7 years ago with another company. This current class was so much better. Very helpful and learned things that have helped us greatly! Great job by both trainers. I really liked that they worked well together and gave good tips. Very encouraging even when out dog might not have always got the hang of the activity right away” – Daryl S. and his Golden Retriever, Indy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience lessons with Sara R. and Linda


“This was our first class with Linda, enjoyed it. Always get lots of info. and lots of ideas of how to deal with your individual dog. The classes really help me tame my little dragon!” -Tammi J. and her Labradoodle Jazzy, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with trainer Linda

“The longer duration of each session and having two instructors allowed for a great deal of personal attention. We were able to discuss our major concerns and were taught techniques to work on those concerns with our dog. I even wrote to both instructors after having a little crisis at home with our dog and both provided insight and encouragement in between classes, that was very helpful. I felt that everything we had been learning in all the classes we had taken came together. Outstanding.” – Pilar D. and her Coonhound Vida reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Linda and Tara

“Linda was a great instructor! Knows her stuff and is a great teacher!! Because of her we are taking CGC intro class with her!! This was the best experience. We did a basic and puppy class at Leashes and Leads and wish we would have started here to begin with!” – Kimberly A. and her German Shepherd Brutus reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Linda

“Love the class and Linda was so helpful! I have really enjoyed the 2 class we have taken by Linda B. She has a lot of knowledge and is wonderful to work with.” -Kimberly A. and her German Shepherd Dog Brutus reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep class with Linda

“Linda and Denise both did a great job attending to individual needs/concerns and making it a group learning experience as appropriate. My 5 month old puppy and I learned how to work together and communicate with each other through taking this class. We probably would have been able to figure these techniques out on our own, however having the guidance this class gave us has put us way ahead of where we would be on our own. We also learned great mental stimulation skills/activities, which come in handy to wear out some of the extra puppy energy!” – Ellie C. and her mixed breed puppy Flynn, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Linda and Denise

“The class was just what my dog and I needed. We had gotten a little rusty. We were able to brush up on our skills. Classes were easy to find on the website. Signing up was also easy. Class size was perfect. Linda explained things well. She provided not only the “what” but also included the “why.” My dog and I really enjoyed the outside activities. Good way to practice distractions.” – Eileen E. and her Labrador Retriever Marley reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep class with Linda


“Linda does an amazing job of coming up with fun games and creative ways to practice our training. She is super organized and is great at giving individual tips and training support to all of the students in class. It was a fun and very useful class!” -Sarala H. and her Labrador Retriever Ned, reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep class with Linda

“Great instructor!! I like your small classes with knowledgeable instructors. Took a class for L&L and dropped out due to instructor who was ill prepared. She knew how to teach her own dog tricks but not how to teach others. Linda was GREAT. Please keep up the smaller classes – all your instructors have been great!” – Marianne O. and her Corgi/Lab cross Stanley, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with Linda

“My year-old newly adopted pup was born deaf, and they (Tara and Linda) were wonderful about suggestions and how to adapt the different skills to me and Dobby! They were terrific! Everything I experienced with this organization was terrific!” – Susan C. and her Pit Bull Dobby, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Tara and Linda

“The Reactive Dog Rehab class was extremely helpful. I started the class feeling very frustrated and now I feel like I have the tools to manage any situation that my dog and I might run into… I love the small class size. I really felt like I was able to have all my concerns addressed each week. Tara and Linda did a great job touching base with each owner to specifically address any stumbling blocks from the past week.” – Kaya W. and her German Shepherd Dog/Great Pyrenees, Lennon reviewing their Reactive Dog Rehab lessons with Linda and Tara

“I liked how they focused on exercises for short periods of time… I’ve used other training companies and the dogs get distracted and are not interested when working on 1 exercise for too long. And they told us to work on training in 1-2 minute sessions at home which I feel has been very beneficial vs. trying 30 min. with our puppy to learn something.

“The classes overall were effective and we learned some new things in these classes vs. the other classes we took with our other dogs. The trainers were very attentive and helpful, we enjoyed taking our pup to these classes. We also asked questions after class and they were very helpful with giving us tips on how to work on other behavioral issues we were experiencing.” -Kari W. and her Dogue de Bordeaux Bruno, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Sarah and Linda