Lisa’s Client Reviews

“Lisa was very helpful in calming my nerves and helping me relax overall. I struggle a lot that the issues I am having are my fault, and she was so kind in helping me NOT blame myself.” Dana D. with Bosley (Bernese Mountain Dog)  reviewing their virtual private lesson with Lisa Skelton

“Lisa was so kind and on point with what could help us make our wonderful dog and gave us higher quality of life.” – Sue B. with Whippet Cedar, reviewing their Family Dog Mediation Session with Lisa Skelton

“Lisa was patient, listened and was constructive. She taught me how to see and teach my dog. Very much appreciated!” – Jessica S. with Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Griz, reviewing their virtual private lesson with Lisa Skelton

“Lisa offered such a warm and affirming presence during our home visit! I really enjoyed the time together (and I think my dog Cali did too). Her perceptive insights, encouragement and detailed recommendations were just what we needed to help with Cali’s anxiety and challenges with other animals and people. Plus, she followed up right away with step by step instructions that we have continued to apply in our day to day since.” – Camille E. with Pug/Boxer mix Cali, reviewing their Private Lesson with Lisa Skelton

“She clearly outlined goals and beginning techniques to achieve them” – Norm Y. with their Catahoula/Pit Bull cross Beau, reviewing their private training session with Lisa Skelton

“Very kind, listened & reaffirmed we are doing what we should be doing.” – Krisi Meyer with Great Pyrenees/Saint Bernard cross Boone, reviewing their Private Training with Lisa Skelton

“We did a Zoom [session]. Lisa got to meet Erza and see her movement and actions that we were talking to her about. She was very informative, a great listener, and helped with pointers for us to try on Erza! She was wonderful at explaining the needs that Erza is lacking! We will continue to be in contact with her when problems arise!

“You have an excellent trainer that really knows animals that has incredible ideas and answers for Erza being a rescue that somewhere down the line, she was neglected and abused! We are now seeing a difference in Erza with the training tips Lisa gave us! She is a keeper!” – Gary and Beverlee K. with their Border Collie/Lab/Pit Bull cross Erza, reviewing their Virtual Private Lesson with Lisa Skelton