Reiichi’s Client Reviews

“Rei took the time to assess our concerns and available time to address them and provided a solid action plan to get Morel in the right direction. We immediately saw improvement in her greetings with strangers once we followed the protocols provided by Rei and continue to use them to this day.” Cassie B. with Poodle Morel (“Mo”), reviewing their private training lesson with Reiichi Hanson

“Reiichi was so friendly and patient with Loki and super helpful with meeting Loki where he was at in his training (which at times was all over the place!). He was also very supportive and reassuring of me and my abilities as an owner and was just a real pleasure to work with! I looked forward to his enthusiasm in class each week and seeing where Loki and I could improve. It was a great environment for learning and Ill gladly recommend anyone to take Reiichi’s class!” – Patty B with her Siberian Husky Loki, reviewing their Intermediate Obedience class

“Rei was amazing in his ability to communicate and spend 1:1 time with me and my pet” – Brendan T. with Australian Shepherd Agnes, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class

“Tailoring to specific dog needs and responding to emails on other problems. Reiichi was great in and out of class.” – Devin D. with German Shepherd cross Dakota, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class

“Both Lindsay and Rei were incredibly patient with Penny’s excitability. I never felt embarrassed by her reactiveness (she REALLY loves people). Rei really took the time to get to know Penny and her history and adjusted his teaching with her, allowing her to learn with him.

“Rei took the time to sit with me and get to know Penny after our first class together, and I felt like that was a turning point for our class experience. I watched Rei adjust the way he approached Penny after that and how he introduced new behaviors to her so we could get the most out of our classroom experience. He then took the time to meet Penny one-on-one and make sure she was comfortable with him. He mentioned he was a newer trainer, I’m hoping he’ll consider conducting more group classes. Penny and I would be excited to work with him again.” – Tiffany A. with Bedlington Terrier Penny, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Lindsay Kinney and Reiichi Hanson