Stevie’s Client Reviews

“Very personal approach to training; Stevie really took the time to listen to me and understand the concerns well before jumping in to solutions.” Kirsten S. with Tinsley (Cattle Dog x Border Collie) reviewing their virtual private lesson with Stevie Mathre

“Stevie gave us a lot of resources to help our dog with relaxation, redirection, and impulse control. We saw a lot of improvement during the sessions and the homework material was clear enough that we are able to continue to practice on our own. We are very satisfied with Paws Abilities. We are now to the point where our dog can attend group classes because of the improvements she made in private lessons.” – Kelsey R. with French Bulldog Fae, reviewing their Virtual Private Lessons with Stevie Mathre

“I was skeptical about doing completely virtual training, but so far it has far exceeded my expectations.” – Susan C. with Dobby reviewing their Virtual Private Training Lesson with Stevie Mathre

“Stevie was very friendly, prepared, and attentive. She noticed right away if we needed help or encouragement. We enjoyed the class very much and learned much. Our dog is enjoying the training we are continuing to do with him.” – Rae R. with German Shepherd cross Henry, reviewing their Virtual Beginning Obedience class with Stevie Mathre

“Great information. I loved the tips and tricks for engaging my dog to enjoy his food and treats. Zoom works well for me. I liked the atmosphere of the group facilitated by Stevie.” – Lori S. with Maltese/Poodle cross Tucker, reviewing their Dogs in the Kitchen class with Stevie Mathre

“I recommend Stevie to everyone, she really does care about the people and the dogs she works with. She helped us surpass our goals, even things I didn’t think were possible. She is friendly and presents things in a way that makes sense for us. She genuinely cares about us. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to work with their dog!” – Kristine K. with Gunner reviewing their private training session with Stevie Mathre

“Stevie has given us tons of helpful ideas about how to get started with training our dog. We look forward to continuing with her.” – Sarah B. with Lily reviewing their Private training session with Stevie Mathre

“Stevie really catered the training to my household and what we could manage. She was fantastic. I’d totally recommend her to others.” Betsy K. with Tsuts reviewing their private lesson with Stevie Mathre

“Very personal approach to training’ Stevie really took the time to listen to me and understand the concerns well before jumping in to solutions. Paws Abilities is a top-notch organization and I’m so pleased to be a client. Everything this organization does is professional and thoughtful (including a sniff n’ go we participated in last weekend with Lindsay in Eagan!). You all do a super job. It’s my great pleasure to refer adoptive families from our rescue to you all the time, knowing full well any class or engagement will be impressive. Thank you!” Kirsten S. with Tinsley reviewing their Virtual Private Lesson with Stevie Mathre

“Professional and responsive. I loved that you looked at the issues we were experiencing and gave me a choice to work with the trainer whose experience matched with our needs and philosophy. I will be recommending your business. Thank you for your help.” – Jonathan K. and their dog, Toffee, reviewing their Virtual Private Training Lesson with Stevie Mathre

“Stevie is wonderful and has given us loads of useful information and homework for our reactive Doberman.” – Carol O. reviewing their virtual private lesson with Stevie Mathre

“I was initially a little unsure how virtual training would work but I have been really happy with it.

“Stevie has been wonderful!! The fact that she has had personal dogs who have had some of the same behaviors as Willow makes it so easy to work with her. She just “gets it”.” I feel like we were meant to work together. One of my other dogs has been having seizures and this is also something she has personal experience with. 

“The initial questionnaire, although quite lengthy, really made me think and put into works the issues I was having. You did a great job of matching me with a trainer who could best help me with Willow. Stevie’s response was great and I appreciated that we were able to start classes right away. I have really appreciated the training we have received and will definitely recommend you to my friends.” – Kelly A. and their dog, Willow reviewing their Virtual Private Training Lessons with Stevie Mathre

“We weren’t sure what to expect from this type of training (virtual) but we thought it was a productive session. Stevie was great. She did provide some very good ideas.” – Dave V. reviewing a Virtual Training Lesson with Stevie

“The exercises are engaging for my dog and she has picked up on the activities so quickly and is focusing much better already after only two consults. Stevie is patient and polite and genuinely wants to see my dog and I succeed and grow together.

“Stevie is a fantastic trainer and I would absolutely work with her again in the future!” – Connor M. and his Dutch Shepherd, Venom, reviewing their Virtual Training lessons with Stevie Mathre