Sue’s Client Reviews

“Both trainers were so helpful. I have a reactive dog (he is afraid of the world) and he really started to come out of his shell. The trainers were very helpful with suggestions and examples” – Amy B. and her Collie, Remus, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Sue and Shalise

“My trainers did great!! They went above and beyond and answered some of my questions in class and through email even though they were just about her reactivity to other animals. They are willing to adjust things if your dog is having an off-week. Carrie even gave me suggestions on what to work on until I take the class again in the spring or summer. She gave me a list of suggested classes that Bella would be able to do because she is still very reactive [and] most classes we can’t do. I love your trainers and training philosophy!! I will keep coming back and I rave about you to anyone that asks or is willing to listen” – Larissa C. and her Australian Shepherd, Bella, reviewing their Advanced Reactive Dog Rehab class with Sue S. and Carrie I.

“[They] listened to me and gave my dog and I all the attention/suggestions that we needed! Gave me hope and encouragement that really helped with my doubts in the beginning . This was not the first class or trainer that we went to for help. This class and the trainers put us on the right path and our family is very happy and hopeful for a long a fun journey with our Kaiah Jo girl!!” – Kris O. and her Australian Cattle Dog, Kaiah Jo, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Sue S. and Carrie I.

“Louise is a bit shy. This class was so much fun for her. She was able to get out of the van and walk through the builing door with minimal hesitation because she knew fun awaited her. She increased in confidence around other dogs. Could watch them work and could work in their presence without getting anxious. Absolutely an excellent experience for her. Thank you, Sue!” – Kathy S. and her German Shepherd Dog, Louise, reviewing their K9 Scent Work class with Sue

“My dog LOVES this class. She can hardly stand waiting for her turn. But she is becoming more patient as I reward her for lying on her mat. Dogs practically LEAP onto the course when it is their turn; dogs love this. Sue is very good at explaining the progression in nose work skills and is very good at analyzing dog behavior related to the nose work.” – Kay R. and her Golden Retriever, Boone, reviewing their K9 Nose Work class with Sue

“Susan Smith is a superb instructor who has instant rapport with people and dogs. She’s patient, kind, upbeat, and clear in her instructions, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. Snicket loves sniffing, eating, attention, and Susan. Sue is better than a perfect 10! She’s one of the most friendly and engaging people I’ve ever met — and she excels at instructing owners/handlers to train their dogs. As for dogs, they adore her!” – Karen S. and her Cocker Spaniel, Snicket, reviewing their K9 Nose Work class with Sue

“Sue is the best! She is very knowledgeable and a great resource. She’s also a fun instructor. [Henry] loved it! Sue made adjustments as necessary to make him (and other dogs) comfortable with the hides, but also kept things challenging throughout the learning process.” – Chrystine H. and her Poodle, Henry, reviewing their K9 Nose Work class with Sue

“Excellent instructors. I also really appreciated the small class size and one on one advice and instruction. Jack and Wally couldn’t wait to get there each time. It was so much fun – family fun time!! We’d turn into the driveway and Wally would be just shivering with excitement. He couldn’t wait to get out of the car and get to work. So cute! I very much appreciate the positive reinforcement method used. My terriers do not respond well to negative reinforcement. In fact, it is very damaging for this type of intelligent, emotionally sensitive dogs. You are very much on the right track and I would advise any of my friends, with terriers especially, to go directly to Paws Abilities – do not try any other trainers under any circumstances. It is far too easy to damage a terrier. Thank you for restoring my faith in training. Both of my dogs loved every minute of it and can’t wait to come again.” – Cheryl M. and her two terriers, Jack and Wally, reviewing their Beginning Focus and Control class with Sue and Sarah G.

“Sue is a wonderful trainer. She is perceptive and responsive to the cues, needs and strengths of the dogs and their people. This was a great class. It helped me to be more observant of my dog and get to know him more thoroughly. We learned activities that were new and different as well as fun and engaging.” – Nancy W. And her English Setter, Jackson, reviewing K9 Nosework with Sue.

“Loved our class, Sue was exceptional. Sue worked so well with Remus. He loved the class. One of my favorite instructors.” -Amy B. with Remus, reviewing K9 Nose Work with Sue.

“Sue Smith + sniffing + treats = Pup Paradise. Sue is great with people and dogs! You made the class informative and fun for the students, whether they have two legs or four! Sue gave us clear, complete answers to our questions. That’s very helpful.” -Karen S. with her Cocker Spaniel, Snicket, reviewing K9 Nose Work with Sue.

“Carrie and Susan both personalized the training to the four dogs and owners in the class. Each week, they provided supportive feedback and concrete suggestions. Howie loves learning! He enjoys participating in classes and doing training sessions at home. We have appreciated Carrie, Sue, and Shalise for their excellence in teaching.” -Carol S. with her dog Howie, reviewing Reactive Dog Rehab with Carrie D. & Sue S.

“I loved being able to have class with Sue again. I hadn’t seen her in 6-9 months and in first week she had seen the improvements we had made. Carrie was great very approachable and down to earth. It didn’t take her long to catch on to my dog. Both of my trainers were even willing to do a few things that i had done in my last class so i could see how far we had come. I love the small class size. Four dogs two trainers is a great ratio. It makes it so you can still ask all the questions you might have. They were always happy to answer questions through email as well. I loved that my trainer was able to come in on a Saturday. Our class got extended by a week and three of us were going to miss that last week so we all came in on a Saturday when we were all available.” – Larissa C.with her Australian Shepherd, Bella, reviewing Reactive Dog Rehab with Carrie D. and Sue Smith. 

“Great class. We will be doing this one again. Both teachers were excellent and seemed to appreciate each dog’s (and owner’s) needs and personalities.” – Nancy W. and her English Setter, Jackson, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Sue and Shalise

“The organization and content of the class was excellent. Susan was great with the dogs and the people. We were doing something productive all the time. Susan Smith did a terrific job!” – Susan and Dave G. and their Labrador Retriever, Piper, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Sue S.

“Susan was wonderful, very helpful & knowledgeable.” – Debbie H. and her Labrador Retriever, Maizy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Sue S.

“Sue did a fabulous job. She was very helpful with questions and suggestions on ideas to try at home.” – Cheryl M. and her Great Dane, Murphey, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Sue

“I love Julia’s classes. This one was especially creative with Superbowl and Valentines themes worked in. Sue was another real asset to the class.” – Renee W. and her Golden Retriever Nee-Kah, reviewing their K9 Nose Work class with Julia and Sue