Terry’s Client Reviews

“Terry was so patient and encouraging! I wasn’t sure what I was walking into, but Terry was patient, kind, and encouraging. My older son was so excited as he practiced at least every other day. My dog was so excited, we spent a good amount of time working and learning on controlling that excitement. I really appreciated the supportive environment both from our trainer Terry as well as our classmates.” – Eliz P. and her Border Collie Hiro, reviewing their Beginning Disc Dog 101 class with Terry Kennedy-Lares

“[Terry] adjusted the class for each dog, made sure as we discussed that throwers understood how to throw a frisbee and how to practice, enthusiasm for the sport was there and kept my interest, taught all the skills so I could see the next steps even though my dog was not progressing as fast as the older, more experienced dogs. Birdee was a little young for this class and so adjustments were made to help her be comfortable. It was clear that Terry had thought of ways to work with my girl ahead of time and was ready with solutions to things that came up. I got more than I expected out of this class.” – Heidi T. and her Miniature Pinscher, Birdee, reviewing their Beginning Disc Dog 101 class with Terry Kennedy-Lares

“I thought the dog trainers and other helpers were fantastic! They are great resources, kind to me, and more importantly, they were kind and loving to my pet. My dog loved them! Thank you for helping me as a first time dog owner!” -Kellie J. with her puppy Lacie, reviewing Puppy Class with Carrie D. and Terry.

“The 1 on 1 seminar helped me learn more! Terry was great!” – Lindsey W. reviewing the Intro to Disc Dog Seminar with Terry

“Knowledgeable was the winner for me. You knew more than anyone I have worked with. Further, you were able to communicate that to others, not just me.” – Martha P. and her German Shepherd Dog, Rayla, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie D. and Terry

“Excellent experience – knowledgeable, supportive, friendly, and fun!” – Melissa K. and her Labrador Retriever, Cooper, reviewing their Puppy Class with Terry and Carrie D. 

“Carrie and Terry are amazing! They are incredibly knowledgeable and it often blows my mind what they’re able to get our dogs to do. They are beyond helpful during class, but more importantly, after class has ended as well. I had an issue with my dog’s behavior with young male dogs, and I reached out to Carrie for advice. She not only promptly responded, but gave very thoughtful comments and suggestions that made us feel very cared for. She’s a rock star and we’ll be signing up for future classes with her!” – Patricia B. and her Golden Retriever, Indy, reviewing their Boredom Busters class with Terry and Carrie D.

“I get comments from strangers about what a well-behaved 7-month old puppy I have. They are amazed that she isn’t barking, jumping, nipping, etc. I have Carrie and Terry to thank for this! Their positive approach to the exercises in class and time they took to answer my one-off questions during and after class really made a difference in my ability to train my dog outside of class. Thank you!” – Heidi A. and her Weimaraner, Daisy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience lessons with Terry and Carrie D.

“Great job making sure puppies were playing at a comfortable level for the individual pup!” – Dawn F. and her Corgi, Nyx, reviewing Puppy Class with Terry and Lindsay

“Our trainers gave a lot of good advice on several different strategies, but also work with the individual dogs to find what worked best for each one. The environment they created was a comfortable and fun one in which to learn. We have loved every trainer we’ve gotten to work with and really appreciate all the time, energy, love, and support they provide for us and our dog” – Olivia O. and her American Bulldog mix, Luffy, reviewing their Leash Pullers Anonymous lessons with Terry and Lindsay

“Carrie is such a delight every class! She reads the dogs well and is even better at putting the owners at ease. She’s knowledgeable and provides encouraging and practical responses to questions. It’s clear that she is passionate about dogs and she has a remarkable way with them! Terry is a great help during class too, and he provides great feedback as we’re working on tricks and commands. They’re both great! I’ve met a handful of staff so far and they’ve all been fantastic! I’ve recommended Paws Abilities to several people and we plan to take several more classes” – Patty B. and her Golden Retriever, Indy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience lessons with Terry and Carrie D. 

“Very friendly and helpful staff 🙂 I will definitely be taking another class. Lindsay was great and Terry was awesome!!” – Chelsea A. and her Pomeranian, Mookie reviewing their Beginning Obedience Lessons with Terry and Lindsay