COVID Safety

How are we keeping our trainers and students safe in class?

We are implementing a few precautions so we can hold physical classes as safely as we are able. We will continue to provide a variety of online class options throughout the COVID crisis for our clients who are at increased risk from the disease, or who just prefer to train from the comfort of their living rooms!

´╗┐Our additional precautions for in-person services include:
Social distancing: Trainers and students are required to wear a mask to class (unless medically unable to do so) and keep a distance of at least 6 feet.

We are temporarily limiting class sizes (most classes have dropped from six to four students). This will help to ensure we are able to keep safe distance and provide better attention and communication with everyone.

We’ve always cleaned before and after classes, but we are taking extra steps in disinfecting shared surfaces between classes and clients, and cleaning any training tools or toys that may be shared or come in contact with you or your dog.

All indoor spaces are properly ventilated and of course diligently cleaned and disinfected.

Rules and precautions surrounding in-person classes will be continuously updated as the situation with COVID-19 evolves. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility during this time. The safety of our trainers and students always comes first, and we will update our services accordingly.