Puppy Camp Reviews

“I felt very good dropping off my puppy knowing they were not only going to have fun but also positive experiences and training” – Redina McFadden with Charli the Weimareiner, reviewing their Puppy Prodigy experience with Lindsay and Heather

“Super happy we enrolled our pup in this program, his confidence went through the roof and is much more command-driven. Megan and Kerry were AWESOME. Ruger got very attached to Kerry, and that made dropping him off much more comforting, knowing he felt safe! Kerry – our dog and us loved her! Megan – she was our go-to from the start, she is knowledgeable and was always available for questions.” – Taylor K. and their puppy, Ruger, reviewing their Puppy Camp: Genius Program with Megan Cogswell and Kerry Todd

“I have been super impressed with the amount of communication and patience from both Megan and Lynn, who seemed to have worked the most with our puppy, Trudi. They both seem so invested in our pooch despite having many other puppies to train and work with. Their love for the animals they are training is evident and I feel like they have treated our Trudi like their own. I have also been very impressed with the way Lynn has gone above and beyond to help our smart, active girl stay motivated and learn new tricks. We are thinking Trudi will be a good candidate for some agility or other sport dog training, and both Megan and Lynn (and Katie at the very beginning) have tailored Trudi’s camp experience to include some introductory training in this area. So thankful for their guidance and knowledge sharing!

“Love the updates on the private FB group! It was so nice to see how our pup was doing each week and to witness the fun and learning that was happening.” – Katie D. and their puppy, Trudi, reviewing their Puppy Prodigy Camp Program with Megan Cogswell, Lynn Seuer, and Katie Kelly

“Love getting to see the puppies in action and a little bit of how the training sessions go through the Facebook videos posts! Probably my favorite thing as a puppy parent. However, the individualization of my Trudi’s program and the specialized care and attention she got at different times throughout the day was particularly wonderful also. We are incredibly impressed with the skills taught and the clarity and thoroughness of the handouts sent home to help us continue training during the rest of the week. You all taught us SO MUCH about how to give our new pup a wonderful first start to life with us!

“You have incredible trainers! I have been continually impressed with the knowledge, caring treatment, and attention to detail that we have gotten from all of Trudi’s handlers. You have an amazing team and we can’t say enough good things about our pup’s time learning with all of you!

“Megan, Paxton, and Lynn are all incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable trainers! Lynn has been especially wonderful with Trudi because she has been taking the time to work individually with her on some tricks and agility training prep for when we can find agility classes to enroll her in. I have been so impressed with the care and attention she has given our pup these last four months! Also, I want to let you know that the Focus and Control training that Megan, Paxton, and Lynn have done with Trudi has blown us away. We started with an overexcited crazy puppy, and are finally seeing a teenage dog that is learning to settle faster, is getting better and better at following directions, and has much better impulse control. Seriously, your trainers have been a godsend for our smart, energetic, hardworking pup! We’re learned so much from all of them.” – Katie D. and their puppy, Trudi, reviewing their Puppy Camp: Post Grad Program with Megan Cogswell, Katie Kelly, Lynn Seuer, and Paxton Marta