Carrie Davis’s Client Reviews

“I absolutely loved the Focus & Control class with Carrie and Lauren. The curriculum was great, Carrie and Lauren were great instructors and the training space suited the class. I felt like the class gave me a motivation to actually work with my dog outside of class. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the homework or the pace. I would/have highly recommended this class, Paws Abilities, and these instructors since my first class. You guys are rocking it!” -Megan J. and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oslund, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie and Lauren

Gee Whiz

Gee Whiz

“You taught me how to train Gee Whiz by giving us feedback and good ideas. Really good class! Nice there were 2 trainers. Also like small class size.” -Kathy B. and her Standard Poodle Gee Whiz, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Lauren and Carrie

“We practiced every aspect of the CGC test: more than once! Great!! And we all had fun doing it!! Thank you Carrie. She always had good ideas and always supportive of everyone and every dog!! We will be back… already are. See you for Holiday Manners” -Kathy B. and her Standard Poodle Gee Whiz, reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep class

“The instructors and handouts were great! Winnie and I have taken LOTS of classes from different places, and this was definitely the best class yet!” -Melissa W. and her Dachshund/Chihuahua cross Winnie, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. and Sarah

“This was actually the 2nd time I’ve taken this class (first time was with Sara Reusche with my other dog – also a fantastic class) and I still learned a lot about both my dog and my handling skills! I honestly can’t express how thankful I am to have found Paws Abilities. My dog, Lulu, was always labeled as the “bad dog” in every prior training class we attended, but the trainers at Paws Abilities have given me the knowledge and confidence to build a fantastic working and personal relationship with my dog. I also really appreciate the special 1 on 1 attention that both Carrie and Sarah were able to give me in the F&C class. They were able to anticipate my needs even before I did!

“I love taking classes at Paws Abilities (and I recommend them to everyone who will listen to me!) While a far amount of exercises were review for me, Carrie and Sarah always had suggestions to make things challenging, which is needed when you’re working with a Border Collie. 🙂 Carrie and Sarah also made sure that I was comfortable with something before proceeding. This was a great way to work within my comfort zone and work on reading my dog’s body language. We were always set up for success (which is paramount when working with a reactive dog), and if something went wrong, a trainer was immediately over to discuss our next steps and way to improve.

“Keep up the great work and I look forward to my next class in a few months once the busy holidays are over! Thanks so much!!” -Madeleine L. and her Border Collie cross Lulu, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. and Sarah

“Very good class and taught by knowledgeable instructors. I enjoyed the great location, easy to get to for me, size of class, and class content.” Jeanine J.B. and her Labrador Retriever IKO, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. and Sarah


“I very much like Carrie as an instructor and would like to take another class with her.” -Alison B. and her Great Dane Phoenix, reviewing their Holiday Manners class

“The class was always under control. Carrie stepped in before there was ever a problem between dogs. We’ve taken other classes with Carrie and really liked them too.” -Debra E. and her Collie Maddie, reviewing their Holiday Manners class

“Carrie has really good ideas and the experience was casual and comfortable. It is nice to have it in our home so Carrie can see how the dogs act there. She was very caring about the dogs and what we, as owners, can do to help them.” -Jeanne B. and her pets Stella, Rocky, Griff, and Boo, reviewing their private in-home training lesson

“Carrie was friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. The positive reinforcement, relation-building values were consistent.” -Nancy B. and her French Bulldog Dottie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class

“The class size and set up was perfect!!! I was able to get plenty of attention with my dog with things I needed to work on. Carrie Davis is amazing!!! She is extremely attentive to Amy’s concerns that I had and I was give a lot of helpful information and handouts. I could not recommend her enough!” Paige M. with her Dachshund/Chihuahua mix reviewing their Beginning Obedience with Carrie Davis

“Laura and Carrie were very responsive. Experienced with reactive dogs. Able to provide feedback on how the dog was doing. The two trainer format is very helpful.” -Lori B. with her Tibetan Terrier Kitsi reviewing their Beginning Reactive Rehab with Laura and Carrie Davis

“Carrie was fantastic! She really cares about Milo and wants us to live with him happily. She didn’t scoff at his quirks but actually laughed at the stories and really enjoyed him being around her. We have worked with other trainers in the past and never will again.

“Carrie Davis is a credit to your facility. She was a joy to have in our home. Both of my dogs approached her happily and were not uncomfortable around her as they have been around other trainers. I loved that she actually got up and showed us exercises to do with Milo and wasn’t worried about checking the time all the time to make sure we were not taking too much time to talk things through. She already seems to have a plan of action for him and I can tell that she has a lot of experience. I am already seeing tons of changes in Milo and can’t wait for our next lesson.” – Alissa F. and her Husky/German Shepherd cross Milo, reviewing their private training lesson with Carrie D.

“Trainers made a great effort to have communication regarding individual dogs during class (even though it was a group class). This made it easier to determine how well I was doing with my dog, ask questions about behaviors I was experiencing, and get feedback if I was headed in the right direction.

“I had a great experience. Knowledge in the area of reactivity was very helpful. It is very useful in differentiating between a dog that doesn’t understand the task it is being asked to do vs. a dog that is in an excitable state and therefore is having trouble learning and executing tasks.” -Peggy N. and her Boxer Elsa, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Carrie D.

“Carrie is a very knowledgeable trainer with a great personality.” -Natalie B. and her mixed breed Maisie, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie D.

“The scheduling was very easy. It was also very easy to communicate with Carrie about what was realistic for our family and what wasn’t. She brought up areas/viewpoints that we had never even thought of before.” -Jessica V. and her Chihuahua/Beagle cross Reptor, reviewing their private training lesson with Carrie D.

“Carrie provided us with so many amazing tools to help us with our Riley. She is knowledgeable and personable. We love her!” – Deb and Bill H. and their mixed breed Riley, reviewing their private training lesson with Carrie D.

Patti and Loki

“Carrie is a rock star and a great instructor too! It was a good class, with good spacing, timing, personalized instruction and fun! Hope to see more CGC Prep classes at Agile Canines.” – Patti A. and her Siberian Husky Loki, reviewing their CGC Prep class with Carrie D.

“I love how every dog is not expected to do everything the same. The class is tailored to each dog and what they need to work on and what level they work at. The teachers are always willing to help and answer any questions and come up with different options to come to a solution on what works best for each dog.” -Rachel M. and her Lab/Basset Hound cross Willy, and her Lab/Pit Bull cross Hershey, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Katie & Carrie D.

“Carrie and Katie were excellent. They made it fun! Started and ended on time, had an agenda… class plan for the night. Each of us received individual attention. The class size was small & manageable.” – Peggy J .and her Golden Retriever Cody, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Katie & Carrie D.

“Carrie was enthusiastic and very informative. She returned my emails timely! I really enjoy the Puppy Social Club too!” -Kim K. and her Labrador/Chesapeake Bay Retriever cross Libby, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie D.

“There was a huge change in Raven as we took the two Reactive Dog classes. She was more relaxed at home, easier to walk and less reactive in general. The class gave me a bunch of ideas to help her after the session. Love the instructors too! The techniques translate to work at home and out on the road, with a nice variety of skills taught. Instructors very friendly and good with the handlers and dogs. I was really impressed with Raven changing at all, because she’s 10 years old. I thought many of her habits were too ingrained for her to change as much as she is. When she jumped on my bed to cuddle with me for the first time ever, I was truly shocked.” -Miranda B. and her Border Collie/Lab cross Raven, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Carrie D.


“We had a private training session with Carrie. Carrie is great! Linc absolutely loves her and she was really helpful with giving us suggestions that work for our individual situation. Carrie was great at really observing everything about Linc to try to help us with the issues we were having. She really took her time with us and let us ask all the questions that we had and made sure we had a clear plan when she left our house. She followed up with us several times to help us tweak what we were doing and to see if there was anything else we needed. I recommend Paws Abilities to everyone I know for dog training! We can’t wait for our next class to start in September!” – Marie F. and her Labradoodle Linc, reviewing their private training lesson with Carrie D.


“What a blast! I loved the pace of Reactive Rally. Sara and Carrie filled the class time well and kept the dogs movin’ and shakin’. Starting each class with a Rally course helped us track our progress and gave us a practical setting to practice what we learned each week. I thought it was really cool that for graduation we ran a real WCRL course from a competition. And as the owner of a reactive dog I love finding classes and activities that allow Rosie to feel safe and comfortable. I definitely think thais ws one of her all time favorite classes. We hope to take it again in the future.” -Lindsay K. and her Australian Shepherd Rosie, reviewing their Reactive Dog Rally Obedience class with Carrie D. & Sara

“Paws Abilities fostered a safe and positive environment for learning and was extremely knowledgeable about the different bred-quirks and personalities of dogs and how to teach them. The curriculum, teachings, and environment seemed tailor-made to the benefit of all the dogs present for our class and to best achieve their potential. We had such a positive experience and we all learned a lot and enjoyed going. Thank you and we can’t wait to be in class again.” -Matthew and Olivia O. and their American Bulldog/American Pit Bull Terrier cross Luffy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie D.

“The instructors shared lots of knowledge. Carrie’s emotional support was also helpful. There was lots of information and non-judgmental correction of my skills. 🙂 It’s so great that you offer this class to help us be better members of our community!” – Marjorie R. and her Beagle Doug, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Laura and Carrie D.

“We’ve had 2 sessions now and the things that Carrie has taught us to do have been getting results. It was all very easy and comfortable – website, blog… recommendations from trusted sources helped a lot. First visit with Carrie was eye opening and a life saver. Carrie is very good at what she does and is very knowledgeable with respect to which of the myriad of training techniques to use/try with us and our dog, as well as modifying training to fit our situation. Further I think that Carrie is equally good at reading the people. I (Tammy) tend to get “overloaded” with information at a certain point and I think she sensed that.” -Tammy H. and her mixed breed Lulu, reviewing their private training lesson package with Carrie D.

“The atmosphere was positive and fun. Wizard and I strengthened our bond more than I anticipated we could, which to me is everything.

“The dogs were at different places in terms of training. Carrie was able to individualize the training. She modified the class to what the students, both human and dog, needed. The dogs were stressy one nite, and Carrie changed the teaching plan to incorporate relaxation exercises. Perfect.

“I looked forward to class every week. When I was there I was totally in the zone with Wizard. Carrie created that environment for us; it does not happen automatically. The skills were what I was looking for in beginning obedience. The shaping and marking/rewarding brought out the best in Wizard.

“I am a dog trainer by profession. I am really picky about who I take classes from. Carrie was phenomenal. I always felt supported and comfortable in class. Wizard is showing herself to be a problem-solving dog, which is what I want her to be. She is also happy to train. Thank you!” – Maureen K. and her Labrador Retriever Wizard, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie D.


“Carrie is great at listening to your interests and personalizing as needed. Carrie is awesome!” – Lori B. and her All-American dog Abby, reviewing their APDT CLASS Prep Course with Carrie D.

“I liked how it is not a traditional, learn by rote, sit, stay, down, class – I have a sighthound, and they don’t do well with a lot of repetition. The class kept things different and moving. I adore Carrie. She puts in extra effort to find solutions whenever I have a question or an issue. She’s happy to work with the challenging sighthound mind (and I daresay she enjoys it!).

“I went from a dog who would avoid getting into a car, and would freeze on a leash and not move, to a dog who comes running when I call him out to the car. I’ve yet to have him hesitate on a walk, but if he does, I feel well equipped to handle the situation because we’ve learned to communicate with each other better. We still have a lot of work to do, but I feel like we became better partners through the 5 weeks of class.

“I love, love, love Carrie. I’ve taken classes with her before, and she continues to grow in her knowledge and is so dedicated to her clients. She clearly loves and believes in what she does, and it’s so much appreciated.” – Pascale S. and her Borzoi Fezzik, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie D.

“Carrie is such a solid teacher — super knowledgeable, willing to talk about dog-related issues, great at helping problem solve, and full of great ideas! I can’t wait to take another class with her.” -Erin G. and her American Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer cross Cooper, reviewing their Canine Good Citizen Prep Course with Carrie D.

“Carrie is wonderful. We felt very comfortable in our home. The instructions and materials she gave us were very helpful. She was able to speak to Niko our 11 year old son on his level.

“Carrie provided excellent no judgment interaction and education. Superb modeling for my family to follow. In the moment education about her observations which provided real time learning for us. Easy to read and follow handouts… a clear plan to follow. No pressure. We appreciate her very much.” -Kristin S. and her Azawakh Jenni reviewing their private training lessons with Carrie D.

“I loved the style of the class and the encouraging style of the trainers. I’m a tough critic. I’ve taken or audited several ‘reactive’ dog classes in the Twin Cities, and the setup & style of this class is the best by far. I got a lot of encouragement & praise for how I was handling my dog – which is important.” – Brian S. and his American Staffordshire Terrier/Whippet cross Arnold, reviewing their Advanced Reactive Dog Rehab class with Carrie D. & Megan

“Carrie has a sincerity, a caring, and an ability to make everyone feel special. Her training style is encouraging and heartfelt. Make sure all of your staff audits a class with Carrie – she gets more out of people than most!” – Brian S. and his American Staffordshire Terrier/Whippet cross Arnold, reviewing their Reactive Dog Rehab classes with Carrie D.

“Carrie and Lindsay were knowledgeable about dogs AND people training. I liked that they stayed low key and didn’t amp up our fears and trepidations of owning a reactive dog. We have had some training with our dog in the past and there were a lot of similarities, but the big difference was not to work too fast for the dog. Take more baby steps. We are going to continue to use the tools that we were taught and see how our dog does. She’s better already from the classes we took from you. The trainers were very welcoming, helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable.” -Kim and Jerome F. and their Bulldog Ruby, reviewing their Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab class with Carrie D. & Lindsay


“Best class we’ve ever taken! There are so many interactive dog toys on the market and I never know which ones Nala might like. In class, we got to try out lots of new toys to see what toys might be worth the money! Nala discovered that she likes to play piano, ring a bell, and go bowling. It was a super fun date night with the dogs and everyone had a great time — people and the dogs!! The upbeat music made it all the more fun. Would take this class again and recommend it for everyone!!

“I love the smaller class sizes. We used to train at TCOTC, but I know that Nala couldn’t handle the commotion of 4 rings of classes going on at once, so this is the perfect fit for her. Some of the new classes for dogs who have passed Beginning Obedience sound really interesting and different each time. We’ve taken Boredom Busters before, and I was hesitant to take it again because I thought it would be the same thing we’ve done before. It was great to have another option for having fun with your dog without a strict lesson plan – it made it so fun that we could take this class every year. Carrie’s the best! She has a way of making it casual and non-stressful for owners and the dogs. Love the music — gives class a fun vibe!” – Rachel M. and her Pit Bull Nala, reviewing their Boredom Busters class with Carrie D.

“Carrie and Lindsay were both professional and also personable. They made sure to provide information to the class, while also personalizing the training to the individual. They were well prepared and worked well as a team. I was also thankful for the kindness they showed to me, my mother, and Koda. It was very much appreciated.” -Katie K. and her Golden Retriever Koda, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. & Lindsay

“Having music during class made it a really fun atmosphere! It was never overpowering, but just kept you grooving the whole class period. 90 minutes for class is a long time, and sometimes I fade by the end of class. But the music kept everything fun and everyone was engaged the whole time. Lindsay and Carrie are a great team!! They both had great insights.

“This is at least the second time we’ve taken Focus & Control and it was fun each time. I feel like we learned something during every class, and it really didn’t feel like we were repeating tons of things that we’ve done before. Sure, we knew some of the exercises because we’ve done them before, but Carrie and Lindsay are great at pointing out ways to take your dog to the next level with the exercise and make it harder for them so that they continue to be challenged.” – Rachel M. and her Pit Bull Nala, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control class with Carrie D. & Lindsay

“Carrie did an excellent job at making the class fun, while finding interesting and creative ways to work on the skills necessary to pass the test. She also was realistic and talked about how it is ok if you choose not to test or if you don’t pass. I liked working with Carrie so much that I signed up right away for a tricks class. I was not actually interested in the class itself but wanted to continue to work with Carrie as I appreciate her teaching style and knew I would learn new things. FYI, we are having lots of fun in the class.

“Carrie is encouraging, fun, energetic, knowledgeable. She provides good resources (YouTube, Bingo, or the Scavenger Hunt) to augment the class materials. This was the first Paws Abilities class I attended. I have to drive form work an hour to get my dog and then drive another hour to attend class. It is well worth the time. I enjoyed worked with Carrie and learned so much, that I signed up to take a class I was otherwise not interested in. I wanted to keep working with Carrie and knew I would learn a lot with my dog so it didn’t matter that I don’t really appreciate “tricks” that much. She helps me find things that we find fun, challenging and useful so the tricks have a purpose.

“After the prep class, Sage passed the CGC on the first attempt. However I was well prepared to consider it a “training experience” even if we didn’t pass. I think this helped to have the right attitude going into the test. Regardless of the outcome, we would have a good experience.

“It was a great class. I would recommend Paws Abilities based on this class, the current class, and the testing experience. We tested in Rochester and I had never been there before. The evaluators and helpers were very kind and explained expectation and gave directions well. There was no question about what to expect at each station. We will continue to train at Paws Abilities.” – Cassandra O. and her English Shepherd Sage, reviewing their CGC Prep Course with Carrie D.

“It is easy to see that this is something Carrie loves to do and is passionate about. The class was somewhat free-flowing based on what the dogs wanted to do. Carrie always had a general plan, but let the dogs dictate when it was time to change to something else. That format worked well for this class.” – Mara P. and her Golden Retriever, Ollie reviewing their Boredom Busters Course with Carrie D.

“Carrie is wonderful! Your trainers are so knowledgeable and friendly!” – Barbara B. and her Newfoundland, Gracie reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie D.

“Carrie does a great job of making sure all the puppies in the class are getting what they need… whether they are shy or extremely outgoing… and of making sure the pup parents are comfortable too!” – Marie F. and her Golden Retriever/Poodle, Emmett reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie D.

“Years ago, I met Carrie and was impressed as she worked with a difficult dog from our shelter in Cannon Falls… Working with a pro is nice. Working with Carrie is a joy! She makes me know I can do this.” – Maggie M. and her Border Collie, Gordy reviewing their Private Training lessons with Carrie D.

Carrie’s positive, up-beat & caring attitude was excellent. She is great with dogs & people alike and provided easy ideas to implement at home. (Paws Abilities) created an atmosphere of acceptance and one that allowed “bad behavior” with kindness.” – Heidi A. and her Weimaraner, Daisy reviewing Ruppy Class with Carrie D.

“Carrie is amazing and is one of the reasons we have decided to take additional classes at Paws Abilities. Her positive attitude and insightful information has been amazing in working with our dog. She is out first choice when we are looking for instructors” – Brian S. and his German Shorthair, Delmira, reviewing their Beginning Focus & Control with Carrie D.

“I think Carrie is an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgeable about dogs and their owners. She does not guilt anyone, but guides and encourages each owner.” – Marie G. and her Dachshund, Lucy, reviewing their Focus & Control lessons with Carrie D.

“Great class. I wanted a fun dog class for the summer and this fit the bill. We learned quite a few new tricks that we’re working on perfecting now!” – Sara B. and her Labrador mix, Emma, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with Carrie D.

“Carrie was warm, engaging, kept a good pace and ran a very fun class” – Megan J. and her Borzoi, Dwyer, reviewing their ADPT C.L.A.S.S. Prep Course with Carrie D.

“We had a lot of fun at the seminar. The instructors had a great people and dog stills (skills?). I enjoyed the laughs from seeing the dogs dressed up. I have been sharing with friends how much fun we had at the workshop!” – Susan B. and her Golden Retriever, Pyro, reviewing their Dog Modeling and Talent Workshop with Lindsay and Carrie D.

“Aside from the fabulous training, there was plenty of time to ask questions and Carrie always had little tips and tricks to help each individual puppy in the class!” – Cheryl reviewing her Puppy Class with Carrie D.

“Amazing games, new and fun venues, wonderful mix of work and play. And, overall, great energy from Carrie and the folks who helped her at the different classes. Carrie is a wonderful dog trainer! I feel so lucky to have met her and hope to be able to get into more classes with her and Cash :)” – Michelle M. and her Vizsla, Cash, reviewing their Outdoor Adventures class with Carrie D.

“OMG – it was a BLAST!!! Class was always super fun. I use it as my “date night” with Nala, and we both enjoyed every class. Carrie is awesome. She’s always so friendly and upbeat. We laugh a lot during class. She was great at tailoring the class to meet all of our challenges successfully. She was really thoughtful in the locations so that it would be challenging for all of our dogs.” – Rachel M. and her Pit Bull, Nala, reviewing their Outdoor Adventures class with Carrie D.

“Paws Abilities is my go-to for training. Carrie is always upbeat and motivating. She routinely compliments owners and their dogs in class.” – Maureen K. and her Labrador Retriever, Ember, reviewing their Beginning Obedience class with Carrie D.

“I enjoyed the puppy class format. It was always fun so the 30 minutes flew by. It was an enriching and safe environment for me and my puppy! Carrie Davis provided great tips to all the new puppy parents!” – Jennifer W. and her Chihuahua mix, Alice, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie D.

“Carrie always kept it fun. Made me excited to come to class with my dog every week.” – Karen M. and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Gilbert, reviewing their APDT C.L.A.S.S. Prep Course with Carrie D.

“The new place is wonderful. Lots of room with small numbers. Very enjoyable. The instructor was very informative and had good ideas to solve problems while training.” – Maggi S. and her English Springer Spaniel, Keeva, reviewing their Fun Tricks class with Carrie D.

“Carrie was great. So helpful and amazing with the puppies. We loved the class. We learned a lot in the short time. Our puppy, Deacon, loved her! Deacon loved coming to class every week. He was able to have fun, socialize, and learn new things. The class was great. Will recommend it to other friends with puppies! Thanks!” – Chrissy B. and her Labrador Retriever, Deacon, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie D.

“Great opportunity for our pup to learn to enjoy other dogs. Carrie sheltered him in the first week but he came back ready to play.” – Melvin L. and his Newfoundland, Orson, reviewing their Puppy Class with Carrie D.

“There were varying skill and confidence levels among the dogs and the owners. Carrie managed this beautifully and set everyone up for success. Class-assistant, Kassidy was very helpful” – Maureen K. and her Labrador Retriever, Wizard reviewing Mini Outdoor Adventures with Carrie D. and Kassidy

“Outdoor Adventures was a BLAST! … Carrie is the BEST! She’s fun,relaxed but super knowledgeable, and made sure that everyone had a great time. She and Kassidy were great support at the patio — I feel like she gave us the tools (and courage) to go out and have more adventures on our own” – Rachel M. and her Pit Bull, Nala reviewing Mini Outdoor Adventures with Carrie D. and Kassidy

“Carrie is such a delight every class! She reads the dogs well and is even better at putting the owners at ease. She’s knowledgeable and provides encouraging and practical responses to questions. It’s clear that she is passionate about dogs and she has a remarkable way with them! Terry is a great help during class too, and he provides great feedback as we’re working on tricks and commands. They’re both great! I’ve met a handful of staff so far and they’ve all been fantastic! I’ve recommended Paws Abilities to several people and we plan to take several more classes” – Patty B. and her Golden Retriever, Indy, reviewing their Beginning Obedience lessons with Carrie D. and Terry

“Lindsay’s enthusiasm is contagious and makes you want to learn more. Carrie seems very knowledgeable. Both instructors are very friendly and approachable!” – Jennifer K. reviewing the Trick Training Workshop with Carrie D. and Lindsay